Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Just been reading up on Wikipediea about Mafeking, when I cam across this photo of dad during WW2, I knew the relief of Mafeking was significant in the Boer War, but did not know why! Everyone's heard the phrase "Mafeking has been relieved" but did not know it was associated with Baden Powell (of scouting fame) and that's what made him a household name before he returned to England! You see what scrapping does?? It broadens your knowledge!! Anyway, yet another layout of heritage photo's done using my little aeroplane add on from my SC kit! Got an early morning this week for the next kit reveal, as I need to get my hands on an add on or two and have been selling unused stash on UKs in readiness! Recycling your unwanted stash is a great way to make funds for new!
Have you heard of the blog called "scrap your crap?" where you are encouraged to use up things you have had for ages? Well I'm thinking of starting "Scrap your tat!" (sorry but I just don't like the word "crap") I am just like all of you and have drawers full of things I just had to buy and have never used!! Well, today may just turn into project one of Scrap Your Tat! I will find something and use it up and post it later (hopefully!)
I am thinking of some MDF coasters I bought from UKs Marketplace and have not used one yet!!

Another job I need to plan is the making of layout easels. I have bought the wood to make some as I had lots of people ask me about mine that I bought in Germany! If I am successful this week, they will be appearing in my Etsy shop! (After I find hubby's saw and drill and wood glue and mitre box etc etc etc!!)
Update! Quite a productive day! 6 coasters a mini album and two layouts!!

P.S. How to make them is in a post back here!


Anonymous said...

Your coasters look great. What did you seal them with?
Look forward to seeing what you do with the heart ones too.

Scrappy~Sarah said...

Fabulous Layout :) Love the coasters too

cannycrafter said...

Jackie, have just updated with the link to when we made them before! Hope that helps! (I passed the design through the laminator!)