Wednesday, 20 May 2009

My stash came!

Well stalking the postman certainly worked, as my Studio Calico kit came and my prize from National Scrapbooking day and my O wires I ordered from Craftz Boutique - beautifully wrapped! and my new printer cartridge! I have just unpacked my goodies after being at the pub for tea! I completely forgot that i had said I would meet the girls for tea for my birthday and cooked a chilli for tea, sat down and started eating it and then remembered! Shot upstairs got ready and went to the pub within fifteen minutes, ordered a meal and ate out! Obviously my age is catching up with me! I am forgetting things!

Today was my last day at work before the holidays, so managed to complete what I needed to before half term and can relax for a bit!

Tomorrow is DS1's last day of school! He has two exams Friday and the prom on Friday night and that is him finished at school for good! A level exams in June but, that's him finished! Must not forget to pick his suit trousers up from the dry cleaners!!!

Been using my laminator to make clear pages containing old playing cards and scraps of paper and material. A see through album with a twist, that photos can be glued on to! Have laminated all sorts of things! I inserted a strip of card where I want to punch the holes with the BIA to strengthen that part, so the holes don't crack open and split.


sue-bubbles said...

What happy news to hear of oodles of stash arriving at your door! Love your laminated pages CC, what another brilliant idea! You are having a great birthday season yes? lol!
Sue x

CoventryAnn said...

Really like the idea of laminating things to make own acrylic album. DD1 is in the lower sixth, and i can't believe she's a year away from finishing school .... makes me feel VERY old!