Thursday, 21 May 2009

So where did today go????

My first day off and not a scrap of crafting done all day!! Promised myself some scrap time tomorrow, after I've done the washing and ironing!!! Lol! I have spent today packaging up things I sold on the UKs marketplace, after my craft room tidy up!!! I arrived at the Post office with two huge bags of parcels and you could see people visibly heave a sigh of despair when they saw me in the queue!! The worst nightmare! An eBay person holding up the whole queue! Of course every grey haired pensioner thinks the post office is solely for their use!!! Lol!

We have had a mixture of sunshine and heavy downpours again today. Managed to get Barney out first thing but between the downpours I have had Green Thumb put a feed and weed on the lawn - which will have been washed away as the rain was bouncing! And the Window cleaners!!?? I ask you?? On a day like this??? Managed to photograph and list more stuff on eBay so my stash buying power, for the next Studio Calico reveal, should be assured!!

Tomorrow I am determined to get in that craft room with my latest batch of photo's from Photobox and rip through a couple of my kits!!!

Maybe some of these Bluebells might get scrapped!!

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