Thursday, 18 June 2009


I don't think I shared this layout with you, or maybe I did and I have forgotten, well that's age for you!!! I recently took this picture of myself to see if my old camera was focusing properly, before I went to my nieces 21st and then when I had to scrap a self portrait recently for the Scrap Like You Mean It challenge over on UKs, I thought it was just the thing! I have very few pictures of myself!!!
I remember a friend turning forty and she was completely traumatised by it! It was the end of the world for her. When I reached forty I liked it because I did not think I looked forty and treated that as a bonus that no-one could believe I was!!!! Now I am nearly 50 and my recent layout called 'being 48' made me realise I was feeling just as my friend had done at forty just ten years later!!!! between 40 and 50 lots of family stuff has happened for me. I am dealing with aged parents and my eldest son is about to leave home for university. I think it is more about what is happening around you than what number you are. Because I am coping with 87 and 85 year old parents I find myself worrying about my old age when I should be thinking about travel!!! Hospital appointments that they can no longer get to alone and constant checking on them makes my outlook on life different. Being forty was great as I had no worries at the time! I loved it! Being fifty is a whole new ball game ! :(
As far as techniques are concerned I love the little flower on here! I cut a large scallop using my Super Duper Woodware 3" punch and inked the edges (as is my wont!) with charcoal chalk eye ink pad. I then cut the scallop in a spiral from the outside to the centre, like we used to do to make a colourful snake mobile!!! I then coiled it back up tightly staring from the centre and working outwards. The last piece was anchored with DST and then I secure the whole thing with silicone from the back. Whilst the silicone was still wet I place a brad through the centre to secure it to my layout. This one is a Sassafrass fabric brad.
I wanted to use my new Fiskars "apron lace" punch, so I decided to try and punch the edge of my craft card stock below the patterned paper line. This was risky as the layout was complete by now! As usual I do thing the wrong way around!!! Anyway, it worked! Just make sure you line up the corners by working with the punch upside down so you can see exactly what you are doing!
Studio Calico fortune cookie paper was great as I cut out strips that I felt reflected me at this moment. I hid some other journaling in a library pocket. I even pleated the reverse of the naming strip from the SC paper and used it as a pseudo ribbon and stitched it in place! I love that every piece of these papers is usable!!!
I decided to try cutting out the photograph a la "Claudine Hellmuth" I think it makes a change! TFlx


Anonymous said...

A beautiful LO CC.
I think the muted photo helps to shows your 'mood' at reaching 48....Mgt.x

CoventryAnn said...

I don't recall seeing this page before, love the punched effect, and that flower is well worth drawing our attention to!

Anne said...

I think that layout is absolutely stunning - really beautiful. Love the punched detail, and that flower is such a good idea! I'm definately going to use that one - if I get around to putting it on my blog, I'll make sure I credit you!

Zofia's Zone said...

Yes! You are original and creative!
Nice work :)

Greetings from Lodz, Poland