Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Baby sister

No, don't panic, I am not expecting!!! LOL! (Phew, I just went all faint when I typed that!! It does not sound funny even as a joke at my age!!!) I just completed a layout of myself as a baby with my big sister holding on to me!!

I took inspiration from a pencil lines sketch, but as usual ended up doing my own thing!! Down to every last one of those little buttons being carefully sewn on by hand!!

Yes, it took ages!! But more effective that silicone glue!! I need to get my Foof-a-la buttons restocked soon at the rate I am using them!! That Sassafrass paper was perfect for this too with those "vintage yummy" images on there too! Still have not mastered how to avoid flash glare in my glossy photo's with my new camera! trouble is I am always photographing in poor light!! Need to work out this 'Iso' thing or save my picture taking until the mornings! I'm always last minute wanting to post on here though!! Don't you just love the retro telly in the background of this pic??? I was going to trim the picture, but decided against it as we had that old black and white telly for years! At least until I was about ten or eleven!! I remember it well!
I used the threading water punch down the right hand edge of this Bazzill Bling card. I had a very slight unevenness with the punching, so I decided to thread some holes with Organza ribbon to hid the floor! Happy accident!! See I admitted it!! TFLx


Anne said...

Lovely layout - definately the right decision not to crop the background out. I think thats what makes old photos so special, looking at all the peripheral stuff.

I'm going to pinch your idea of punching down one side, too!

*reyanna klein* said...

Adorable layout! I LOVE all the buttons! :)

a little bit of me........ said...

lovely Lo CC and the cute picture of you and your sister is priceless.

well done "window Blind"!!!!


CoventryAnn said...

I think you were totally right not to crop, things in the background really tell you about the time the icture was taken. Great page BTW, and i have given you an award... take a look at my blog :)

vtpuggirl said...

Very pretty, perfect paper for this memory!