Friday, 19 June 2009

A huge day!!!

Following on from yesterday's post, today is a huge day in our house! DS1 has his final A-level exam and that is it, school is officially over for him and though he is delighted, I can't help thinking it's the end of an era for me!! I laid in the bath last night and began to think about when he goes away in September to Uni (providing he gets the grades he needs of course!) How quiet it will be around here, he is my noisy one!!! he is the one who talks endless sport with hubby too! Surely I will not have to take over that role!!! For those of you who know from reading this blog, DS1 is the son who has Dyspraxia, the son who I was told at the age of 5 would probably never write, would only manage to sign his name on a cheque and nothing else!! I think that is why I am doubly emotional today, here he is taking A-levels! And possibly getting as good grades as hubby and I did if not better!!!! If I have learnt one thing, it is don't always accept what you are told!!! I was guilty of trying to get him sorted with an apprenticeship after he got his 11 GCSE's. I was the one who cried when the plumber went bust during the summer holiday job he had with him!!! I was the one who was tormented when he had to sign up for sixth form to do AS levels as we had no other option. Mum was the one who said "What is to be will be!" and she has been proven right! Had that plumber not gone bust, he would not have 4 AS levels and be taking 3 A-levels!!! He would not have offers for two places at Uni and most of all he would not have the self esteem he has gained from achieving those things.

So, good luck in that final exam CJ and enjoy the release from the stress of exam pressure!!!



Hi I'm Maria... said...

that'a fab news CC, you've got every right to feel proud,he had a good teacher, well done...

maria x

SusieJ said...

Well done to DS1 Caroline!
It was final A level day here too - my DS also had problems at school (didn't read until he was 7) but after a couple of false starts (dropped out of 6th form and then changed subjects at College) he's made it! Hopefully he'll be off to Bristol in Sept .. or Leeds ...or Manchester.
I agree with you about not believing everything you're told - my Dad kept reassuring us that N. would be OK and would catch up.
I shall miss him as we watch footie together!
The house is going to be awfully quiet!
Sue xx