Friday, 5 June 2009

Learn to sew 1 - The paper pattern

When a "Sew magazine" flyer hit my inbox today it made me realise why I subscribed to the very first "Prima" magazine all those years ago- the free paper pattern! This magazine has just been launched, I have not seen it in the shops yet, but you can read more here . (No connection by the way!)

Apparently 'Kirsty's home made home' on channel 4 has made us all go mad for crafting!!! DUH??? What have we all been doing??? It used to be naff to say you crafted apparently, but now it's very hip!! Well what-do-you-know????

However you obtain your paper pattern and personally I love vintage paper patterns from eBay for a real retro feel - I have made some fab aprons for my shop with them! Here is what you do next!!!

The Pattern
1. Open the envelope and look at the instruction sheet to find out which pattern pieces you need for the view you want to make. Usually there are several styles on the one pattern so you only need to select the pieces you need. I was just making the shirt, so I just needed the pieces listed below; 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. It tells you what each piece is and actually I decided not to put a pocket on, so I discarded piece 1.

2. Carefully unfold the tissue pattern pieces and locate the numbers you need. There are several pieces on each sheet joined together and you need to separate them roughly between each piece. Do not waste time cutting along the lines at this time. Use some paper crafting scissors for this. A pattern comes with three sizes on a sheet at a time and the temptation is to try and keep them all. The reality is that you probably wont make it again in the other sizes and it can get confusing, so I would go ahead and cut around the size you want roughly about half an inch outside the cutting line (1cm). The cutting line is the thick black line.

3. At this point I always double check my list of pattern pieces to make sure I have them all and return those I don't need to the pattern envelope. It saves confusion later!!

Ok, lesson one done! Tomorrow we will look at pattern markings and think about laying the pattern on the fabric. If you have found this helpful, please leave a comment below. If it is too basic so far then pop back later in the week when we start passing the sewing machine "Driving test!" TFLx


Crafty Dawn said...

looking fwd to later issues lol I have been buying the SEW HIP magazine and I love it I wld say I am only a beginner and I can manage simple dresses tops skirts etc but I love the Mag as I get some great Ideas (just neeed to force the card making stuff to the back of the cue for a week (don't know if I can do it!!!!) lol

Love Dawn xx

Kathy said...

Thanks so much, I'm going to follow along and try to get to grips with sewing!


jackie(worcs) said...

Thanks for the sewing tips CC. My OH bought me a sewing machine a couple of weeks ago. I havent used one, or a pattern since O level Needlework at school. So I will be reading your postings with interest.
Jackie :-)