Friday, 5 June 2009

Let's all sew!

If you can sew or you just hate sewing then don't read on any further! This post is all about enabling! For those who want to learn to sew, I am going to try and explain the basics in a series of tutorials over the next few weeks. Am I qualified to do so? I think so! Having done a degree in teaching food and textiles and then having taught for 10 years in a secondary school, as well as teachinh evening classes and machine classes in a fabric store, I think I have a few tips to pass on!!

Sewing has always been important to me from childhood. When mum had a black and gold electric "Singer" sewing machine and she taught me to sew on it, I was hooked! I can remember buying loads of felt and ribbon and lace and making endless Sindy clothes! I progressed to clothes and made skirts and dresses before deciding in the sixth form that I wanted to do this a college, so I hurriedly took dress and textiles O-level (as it was then) in one year and A level the next year! I was always more interested in textiles than food and so majored in that at college. I made my own clothes for years and impressed my boyfriend (now husband) by making him a leather jacket when we were courting!! I made my own wedding dress complete with machine embroidery on the bodice and train and for a while had an applique business making children's clothes and nursery items. I remember talking my hubby into letting me buy a new Bernina sewing machine when we first got engaged and made all our curtains on it for our houses up until recently! If I had had girls instead of boys I might have continued to sew, but I made the boys a few pairs of trousers and coats when they were little and then I never did any for ages. That was until DS2 started dancing! Costumes have flown off my machine in very short spaces of time for various stage performances and one of my school play costumes for king Richard is about to make it's second appearance at my school next week! It was when I was making a shirt for a tap dance in about 24hrs the other week that I thought there may be a resurgence in interest in the humble sewing machine!

Buying the pattern is not cheap and finding the store that stocks them is very rare! We have a shop here in Yorkshire called "Boyes" which stocks patterns, fabrics and haberdashery, but they are few and far between! As an earlier comment said when I posted this before, with the presence of Primark on the high street, sewing is not going to make a come back for clothes making for everyone, but for those of you who are interested, let's make a start!
If you are just interested in sewing on card, read this post here for a few tips!

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Crafty Dawn said...

I know what people meen about Primark (cheep & cheerful) but not the same is it? However, it is expensive & time consuming to make your own. But and it's a BIG BUT I think these are things we need to learn & pass on!

My mum & Grandmar never sew (some knitted) so, I am completely self taught and although I am no where near your standard I will be watching and Hopfully learning from You.

Sewing crochet & Knitting, there all making big come backs and rightly so I say. I buy a mag 'Sew Hip' amazing & free patterens etc.

But like you say it's hard as all those wonderful habadashery shops are few and far between. I am fortunate I live nr Manchester and there is an ABACAN (is that what it' called?) something like that any way. They have great patterens and lots of fabric! I have also found a lovely little place in Marple & one in Glossop small and a little lacking but good for a start.

I was in Backe well today and in a charity shop I bought some netts (very nice lacey things) I am going to get some lining and make a very simple dress with it so you don't have to spend a fortune on material ( although I love Kath Kidson in York) very expensive £18 a meter so it would have to be very special lol.

Good luck with this feacher I have a very good feeling about it for you!

Love Dawn xx