Monday, 29 June 2009

Nappy cake

Here is a nappy cake I have just completed. I made it from a twin pack of Huggies nappies in a 18lb + size so that the cake can remain a decoration for a short while! This time when I made it I included mostly clothes. The lower tier has a pram blanket around the outside, secured with a nappy pin. The middle layer has two babygro's secured with ribbon around the outside and the upper tier has two body suit/vests around the outside. The top layer is covered with a bib and has the tiny teddy sticking out of the top. All the 'rosebuds' on each layer are made from socks, hats, soft 'padder' shoes and scratch mitts. A lovely gift for a newborn and I love this theme of cream and coffee!
To see how to make one yourself go to this post here. Here is one I made last year. Here is how I made it in pictures! TFlx


Anonymous said...

I think these are a brilliant idea for new Mums & I hope to get the chance to make one in the not-too-distant future for a relative..Mgt.

Hanna said...

Fantastic - this is lovely, i have made several 'cakes' to order and everyone has been over the moon with them, i have done several neutral ones which i always think look very chique!! and a few blue ones, but am dying to make a pink one! i too used you tube as my initial source of inspiration after seing one on sex and the city! but as im sure youve discovered you soon get you own way of doing them! love the blog - keep it up! hanna xxx