Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Passing The Sewing Machine Driving Test! Lesson 3

Open the bonnet!
The lower thread on the sewing machine comes from a metal spool or bobbin. This is housed inside a bobbin case which can be removed from the machine in some models or it drops into a fixed bobbin case in older model machines.

You need to check your own machine handbook for the exact threading up, but my machine has to have the thread coming off the spool clockwise before you drop it into the spool case. Pull the thread through the slit in the side of the spool case until it clicks under the very small spring. This gives the thread it's tension. There is a metal flap that lifts up on the spool case to act as a handle. This enables you to place the spool and spool case together into the machine when you open the door for the lower thread. Make sure you press it in until it makes a 'click' to be sure that it is secured in place.
(My 'Bernina' machine spool case has an arm that sticks out of the top with a small hole in it. This is often mistakenly threaded, but actually need only be used if you are stitching a button hole.)
You now have your lower thread in place, but it needs to come out of the machine exactly under the needle through a small hole in the 'throat plate' under neath the presser foot. Don't panic! You don't have to thread it through here!!! There is a method of "catching" the lower thread.
Take hold of your upper thread, where it comes out the back of the machine, (through the eye of the needle, and under the presser foot,) using your left hand. With your right hand, turn the balance wheel on the side of your machine until the "take up lever" does one whole cycle, down to the bottom and back up to the top, just keep turning the balance wheel towards you slowly until it completes the whole cycle. (Turning it away from you will not catch the lower thread!)
When you look closely at the thread you are holding in your left hand, it should now have a loop over it. Careful get hold of that loop and pull it until the bottom thread is coming out of the hole below the needle. You should now have to long threads that you can put out towards the back of the machine, out of the way to begin sewing. Close the lower thread door and you are ready to sew!!!!!!!!
Next lesson is on checking tension - the most common problem with sewing on fabric or card!!TFLx

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jackie(worcs) said...

Thanks for another great tutorial. Will be interested to read the one on tension as I cant figure that out at all!