Saturday, 11 July 2009

A new day

Well after yesterday's disastrous attempt at getting crafting, i.e. a friend and I went clothes shopping!!! I am going to try harder this weekend! having said that, today is pretty much mapped out with food shopping, picking up holiday tickets, and going to my staff barbecue, before friends come round for a drink tonight! I am really getting addicted to my weekend PIMMs routine!! (Or 'Pitchers' if you buy Sainsbury's own brand!)

Mix it one part to three with diet lemonade, throw in some slices of orange, some strawberries and a sprig of mint from the garden, pop in some ice and enjoy! It just goes hand in hand with this warm weather!!! Now, have I photographed it???? Is there a layout in this somewhere???

Big day today for DS2 who is in the Northern premiers final of "Rock challenge" at Sheffield arena. Had to leave at 6.15 this morning and wont be back until after midnight.
Not sure if I updated everyone on the shock news of his dance teacher retiring. It's not so much that she retired, but that she told them on the Monday night class and retired on the Tuesday!!!!!!!! he was traumatised!!! has the woman no empathy??? When dance is such an important part of his life and so many others???? Needless to say he will be continuing and we have found a new dance school where he tried out last Wednesday and is staring on Monday! Roll on summer! Only this week left and then we break up!!! Phew! I started the mammoth class room tidy up last week, but there is still loooooooaaads to do!!! Stripping the walls can take a whole day! We had sports day last week, so fortunately that is out of the way, we just have the year six dram performance this week and the staff meal out for those retiring. By Thursday I will have a smile on my face, seven weeks holiday this year! (Not sure why!) Wonder if my mojo is on holiday already??? Maybe it will be back in time for the school hols! TFLx

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SusieJ said...

Have a fun day CC! Love Pimms too - yes there's a LO in there!
Sue xx