Friday, 10 July 2009

Ok, own up, who has my mojo?????

I lost it last week and I just can't settle to anything. I'm not sure if it is end of term it is or whether it is to do with mum being in hospital, but I have had time to craft, I walk in the room and nothing happens!!!! As you can tell, I even lost my will to blog!!! (Also unheard of!)
I mentioned last Friday that I went to the local races as a guest in a private box and I took my new camera. I managed to get some shots using my sport setting, with horses crossing the finish line and would be able to plan some great pages, but still nothing! In the past, if this happened, I always recommend grabbing a sketch and just starting, but even that has not worked, I'm having trouble sitting still! Maybe I'm ready for my holiday.
(Look the horse even smiled for the camera!!!)

Last week I ordered some fabric from Cath Kidston and set about my sewing basket removing the old fabric to cover it in the new. Now I have destroyed the old, it also is just sitting there, looking at me!!! Maybe I need to take myself in hand and just make a start and see what follows! Will let you know later today if it works! In the mean time, here are some of my racing pics!!
(Arty crafty shot taken into the sunset!)

Nope! never even had the urge to step inside the craft room, this is getting serious!


SusieJ said...

I think your mojo has run off with mine! I too have the time but not the inspiration to craft. I think we def. need a holiday!
Great shots from the races.
Sue xx

CoventryAnn said...

Not sure... but i think they had mine too. I even turned down the chance to crop this week. Seems to have returned though as i scrapped tonight. Hope yours isn't far behind :)