Monday, 17 August 2009

Published! 'My James Dean'

Apart from being a scrapbook apprentice and having my work scrutinised by the judges and published on the internet and in Creativity life, I have never been moved to submit my work to a magazine before. When I was voted off Scrapbook Apprentice, I decided it was worth a try and my first submission was taken up and has been published today in Scrapbook Inspirations. It's three months ago since I submitted and I must admit I had almost forgotten about it until the magazine dropped through the door today.
I know some people find submitting work a form of showing off and I don't understand this at all. When I scrap, I mostly scrap for myself, but if you want to share it with others why not? Affirmation??? Well maybe it is, maybe there was a bit of "am I any good???" in there when I submitted having been voted off the first competition. I like to pick up a magazine and see ideas I had not thought of and why shouldn't anyone else? If no- one was prepared to put themselves out there, there would be nothing to see.
This page was really about recording my son at age 14. A lovely photo taken by Kirsty Wiseman when she visited and a true record of him as he was going from boy to man. I don't know what made me use the scallop Pink Paislee paper as a stencil and ink over the edge with Tim Holtz distress ink and a foam pad, but I liked the effect. Punching holes in some of the scallops and backing with contrast paper was another thing that just happened. The layout was done with my Studio Calico kit 'playground' and I have to say it was not one of my faves colourwise with the reds and yellows. Having said that, I think it was perfect for the retro feel I wanted to go with the "James Dean" type photo. At a tricky teenage time "rebel without a cause" seemed fitting! I also liked the rub on that said "dare to be different" this fits him down to a T! Already he is fifteen and does not wear his hair like this and has grown again. I for one am glad that we have this to look back on and maybe this is just what I need to get my Mojo up and running! TFLx

P.S. My holiday snaps arrived in the post today too, so I have no excuse!


Crafty Dawn said...

Hi look fwd to the photos. Congratulations on getting published (I tried for the same magazine once but fell short) not bothered since. I like this lay out but I have to say didn't notive RWAC bit as its blue and blended in. (so made it bigger to see!)

This is a fantastic photo really good so no wonder you wanted to scrap it I love the theme you chose too!

Hi I'm Maria... said...

congratulations CC, not seen a copy as yet...

maria x

Anonymous said...

A lovely LO. They change so quickly at that age that's it's happened before you realised it, so this is a memory worth keeping forever...Mgt.