Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sorting photographs

I have been sorting photographs from our holiday. I had quite a few printed but have been sorting them into sets that I want to make mini albums of. Yesterday I also finally loaded a new keyboard and mouse set I bought in Curry's sale as I have been having problems with my keyboard. It is a cordless set and I will have to see how I get on with them! I am already realising that the letters on the keyboard are very small!! I may need to wear my glasses!! As a lot of the letters had worn off my old keypad I was struggling a little but these letters all look the same without glasses!! Not something I had forseen as a problem!!

Started making a few lists of things to get for DS1 for Uni and been thinking about the time scale of doing it all. Tin opener and bottle opener top of the list!

Nice sunny day here, hoping to have a BBQ later whilst its still nice. TFLx

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SusieJ said...

Snap CC! Must admit had forgotten the tin opener! Did buy a sandwich toaster for him today in Tesco - just over £5 - a bargain!
Your photos are looking good. Happy sorting!
Sue xx