Sunday, 9 August 2009

The Wanderer returns!

Back from my fortnights holiday on Lake Garda in Italy, with a zillion photo's and a complete lack of mojo at the moment! The washer is on it's second load already despite getting home from the airport at 10.30 last night and we have done a quick resume of the house and garden and found a total lack of food in the fridge - it's amazing what an 18 year old can eat in a fortnight!!! Ironing to do, parents to visit and need to get DS2 turned around quickly for his next holiday next Saturday!!
Sad news to report - RIP Fred the fish :( He has gone to the great fish bowl in the sky, but considering he was about 15 years old that is no surprise! Remember this layout I did of him? For those of you interested in the poem I wrote for it a few years ago, here it is.

I sit there on the kitchen side
Mouth closing, then it opens wide
I hope they’ll somehow notice me
Zoom to the top, so they will see –
‘Of course I’ve not been fed today!’
Yes! It worked! I got my way!
Another pinch of food is popped
Into the bowl – I haven’t stopped –
Eating since the break of day,
I’d eat lots more if I had my way!
I’ve lived here since the boy was five,
I can’t believe I have survived!
I did have friends, just one or two,
They came and went, I don’t know who
Has bothered with me recently,
I’ve lived alone, a year or three.
I had a super large size bowl,
Until an Iron mad a hole,,,
Into the glass! All hell broke out!!!
I shot down the worktop – heard a shout….
Of ‘HELP!’ my owner catching me!
As I flipped about – I could not see….
The water spilling on the floor,
And all the gravel! Maybe more..
than four or five pints of water gushed..
And out the bowl I was flushed!!!!!!
I lived for days in a Pyrex dish
Until I got my new home wish,
Another bowl, now number 4.
I hope this wont smash like before!

My age is 12 or there abouts,
I’ve moved from place to place, no doubt-
you want to know what they moved me in?
A plastic Tupperware cereal tin!!!!!!
They go away – they leave a block,
To feed me – it’s like eating rock!!!
A longer spell – I have to stay
With grandparents many miles away!
I must be the most travelled fish!
But most of all I have one wish,
To sit here quietly day by day
And eat to pass the time away!!!!!!

RIP Fred - what a character! TFLx


Crafty Dawn said...

Awh poor Fred nice poem! So Italy lucky you and I know you brought back goodies I love all the vintage stuff you find (French especially) you need to tell me about the French market I would love to go sometime.

So look fwd to all yr news and photos etc welcome home and back to blog land

Love Dawn xx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

welcome back CC, sounds a fab but tiring time...

sorry to read about Fred...

maria x

sue-bubbles said...

Welcome home CC! Very sad news about Fred, but he had a good long life didnt he - I dont think my kids ever managed a fortnight with their fish! Take comfort in all your happy memories of him CC!
Cant wait to see all those holiday layouts...and what about stash shopping, I bet you picked up some interesting bits and bobs eh!?!
Sue x