Wednesday, 19 August 2009

What is to be will be!

That well known phrase that my mother says is more appropriate than ever tonight as we wait with baited breath (along with many other parents) for the A level results tomorrow! I have been in full "nesting" mode today, busying myself to take my mind off it all, I have hoovered and washed the kitchen, utility and garden room floors, I have washed the dogs basket, I have put back the furniture in the hall and study after Vaxing the carpets yesterday, I have ironed, washed my hair and walked the dog. I have baked buns and made a pasta dish for tea and still find it impossible to settle!

It's not that I am concerned about his results, as I never even imagined him taking A levels in the first place, it's all a bonus! I just don't want him to be disappointed for his sake and not be able to get away and start a new part of his life as all his other friends hope to do. When he was first diagnosed with Dyspraxia, and I have mentioned this before I am sure, I was told he may only be able to sign his name on a cheque! Little did they know then that cheques would be obsolete now anyway!! I am happy if he is happy, fingers crossed he gets what he wants! I am like this swan I photographed on holiday in Italy, trying to look serene whilst paddling frantically underneath, is that a good analogy??? We will soon know! TFlx


sue-bubbles said...

Lots of good wishes to you CC, on what I just know will be a very proud day for you and your young man!
Sue x

Anne said...

Oh gosh, you've made me feel all nervous upon your behalf!

Fingers crossed.

SusieJ said...

Best wishes for your DS CC. I'm sure he'll be fine.
We were in a similar position with our DS - he's now 20 and has just set off to collect his A level results. He's quite happy though as he checked the UCAS website and his place has been confirmed at UWE. A day I never thought I'd see.
Thinking of you and fingers crossed!
Sue xx

CoventryAnn said...

Love your published page CC, hope it goes well fro your DS today, only AS results for our family today, and i was more nervous than her!