Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Phones don't like swimming :(

Maybe you knew this already, but it certainly is true. DS2 returned from his holiday with grandparents in the south of France, minus his new phone of two months!! Well, he brought it home, but it does not work. Apparently he swam with it in his trunks pocket briefly and after that it resembled a spirit level with bubbles racing from side to side until, despite the 40 degree heat, it died a death! Anyway, Phone hospital to the rescue, I am hoping to express it there straight away and await their diagnosis!!
I have not had a good time technology-wise as my I pod nano appears to have adopted the "white screen of death" as it is described on the net, on a permanent basis. It will play music, but you have no control over the selection as the screen is just white! That coupled with DS1 X box deciding it wont play his new Ashes cricket game anymore, because apparently I moved it to dust when it was on pause?????!!! Anyway, is that our three items of bad luck for this week???? I hope so!!! Various other family crisis have also ensued so I am sure we must have a change in luck soon.
Barney has been diagnosed with doggy dementia :( I am sad but he is in good health really. He just seems to have got his night and day mixed up and is finding sleeping at night difficult and does not managed to sleep the whole night through without barking at 4 or 5 am! Hubby and I are walking around like we have a new baby in the house! One of us has to get up to him and he seems to be frightened. We have tried leaving the local radio station on and the low energy bulb lamp, but to no avail. Last night he even started scratching at the door the minute we went to bed so I had to go down to the kitchen. The vet was very helpful and has prescribed some expensive supplements that we are going to try. Anyone who knows me, knows how important this old dog is to me, so I'm willing to try anything! I'm not saying its bad but if I can slow its progress I am grateful. TFLx


LadyBug said...

Sorry to hear about Barney, have you tried a DAP plug in? they are about £15 but well worth it. they take a week or so to work but having one has really calmed my old girl. she just to wake and bark at even the slightlist noise (all simce old age creap up on her) and now we have more quiet nights than not. you can get them from the vets or online

SusieJ said...

Fingers crossed you have no more technology problems - everything seems to "go" at once doesn't it.
More importantly lots of doggy hugs and sparkles from me and Max for Barney. We're thinking of him and hope the treatment helps.
Hugs from me to you too Caroline - I know you'll be worried. Lots of TLC for the pair of you.
Sue xx

jackie(worcs) said...

Sorry to hear about Barney. *sparkles* for you CC.
Jackie x

LadyBug said...

HOpe the DAP works for Barney :) the website to make the polariod is linked within my post about them. it's really easy to use you just up load the photo and the website does all the hard work. you will then need to download the image (just click a link) and print. keep me posted on the B man :)