Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Too much goin' on!!

Back to school with avengence and already I have too much goin' on!!! I have run around school like a mad woman these last three days, trying to get all my displays up as I hate bare walls and then getting all my new special needs groups organised for this term. DS 2 went back yesterday after two training days, DS1 is on work experience at the local paper in the city of Hull. He came home yesterday with his first article that is to be published this weekend and I could not more proud!! I will have to scrap that in some way. He wrote on the off chance of getting a weeks work experience before starting his BA in sports journalism in a couple of weeks time. The paper have been great and thrown him straight in at the deep end arranging appointments with players and team captains of the local super league teams (we are quite unusual to have two in the one city apparently!!) and then getting him to write his own article! I need to get on with my own magazine commission tomorrow, or I may find I am struggling to meet my deadline!
Things are still tricky here with Barney still keeping us awake at night. It's funny how you get out of the habit of broken nights!!! Well, at my age anyway!!!
Tomorrow consists of crafting, food shopping, last weeks ironing catch up and then entertaining FIL for tea (as usual on a Thursday) Not sure he is up to driving over anymore, so hubby is going to have to make a 60 mile round trip for him to come and enjoy his fish and chips with us. I have mentioned before it has become a bit of a ritual!! It started 18 years ago when I had DS1 and it has been the same ever since!! At 87 years of age he is not keen to change the habit now!
More purchasing for Uni to do next week as the deadline approaches! It's busy, busy, busy! I have to admit to having a slight mojo problem still. It's not that I have not had time to craft, but somehow the craft table is not calling me. I think it's just where I am at the moment, I suppose when DS1 goes to Uni and is settled I maybe will relax a bit more, but just now, sitting still for any length of time seems to be nigh on impossible! Last night I took to bed after work, with a cracking migraine and the evening was a complete write off, that's just the way it seems to be at the moment! I am finding excuses not to craft and I don't know why. Tonight I have spent a brief 20 mins in the craft room completing a Venice album from this summer holiday. Will try and photograph it tomorrow. TFLx


SusieJ said...

Sorry to hear that Barney is still having disturbed nights. You must be shattered.
Hope your mojo comes back soon - I feel much the same - hopefully when our DS's are settled at Uni we'll be more settled and ready to craft.
Sue xx
p.s. when does your DS go? Mine is due in Bristol next Friday 18th

Anonymous said...

Congrats to DS1. No wonder you feel proud.
Have we to call him 'Scoop' from now on :-)..Mgt.

sue-bubbles said...

Fantastic news about your son CC, how very exciting! Now missus, take a are wearing me out just reading what you are up to lol!
Sue x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

great news for DS1 (get it? 'news' sorry hehe)..

sorry to hear Barney's still not good, sending sparkles, you could always send him down here, as I's still up every night with steven, lol....

hope you manage your mojo back and get time for some crafting...

thanks once again for your help earlier with the stamp storage, knew you would have the answer, thanks...

maria x