Sunday, 27 September 2009

Uni update

Well here we are, one week to the day since we took DS1 on his big Uni adventure!! I can't believe it's a week already! What can I tell you so far? Well apparently he has discovered; if you buy ready meals, you can get pasta meals from Morrison's for £1 and if you eat them straight from the tray you only have a fork to was up! He has not yet decided whether it is better to wear all the clothes he has, before tackling the laundrette! The Internet connection is pants and very shortly there will be a laptop chucked out of the window!! Uni consists of cheap beer and not going to bed before 4am! Also, he has tackled the reality of life head on when someone was sick in the shared toilet on day one!!!! Maybe he will appreciate what he has when he gets home!!!
What I have to be grateful for; apparently he is the only one who can still see the carpet in his bedroom. He is determined not to go overdrawn even if it means not eating!! Oh the joys of University life, and they haven't started working yet!!


jackie(worcs) said...

LOL! life at uni sounds errr interesting!Wonder if he will make his clothes last til half term and bring you the washing??

SusieJ said...

Sounds like a very similar week to the one my son had! Spoke to him yesterday and he sounded shattered!
Just hoping he gets into a healthier routine when lectures start tomorrow.
Sue xx

sue-bubbles said...

Oh what fun! I wonder if he has unpacked his lovely homecrafted recipe book yet CC...mmmm? I suppose the next lesson will be to wear all his clothes inside out and upside down to make them last until its time to visit Mum..he he! I look forward to more updates takes me back!
Sue x
ps: 'Too tempting' is just what makes a craft store worth driving miles!