Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The wind of change

I know I must be liked thousands of other women out there, who have just waved goodbye to their first child, but it feels very odd and I can't put my finger on why. I have not cried or sobbed like many thought I would, I have not missed him in the sense that I go into his empty room a lot, I just can't settle somehow. Deep down, if I analyse my feelings, it's probably to do with my role. Like loads of mums out there it's a realisation that this part of your life is coming to an end and another part beginning. I still have another son at home, so it's not as if hubby and I are staring across an empty table towards each other, although we did tonight as it happens. For a while now, I have been redundant in DS1's life, but I realise it's not that, it's the volume in the house that's changed. He was the noisy one and last night DS2 said "it's just too quiet"

I am happy for him that he is not worried about leaving us, albeit a little bit smug that I must have got something right!!! I am excited for his whole new start, I just need to learn to live with the quiet and until I do, that silence is deafening!!! TFLx
P.S. Was quite productive in the craftroom last night, made myself feel better!


Traceyr said...

No doubt he will be home before you know it. I'm lucky as my daughter is staying at home whilst at Uni as it is local. Having said that is that a blessing do you think? haha


SusieJ said...

Snap CC! It's the quiet that's getting to me too - we only have the one son but when he's home there's a constant stream of other young men and lots of music.
I too have not cried but am feeling unsettled.
I am however crafting again - taking a four week online scrapbook design course - completed first module yesterday and was chuffed to get 89/100!
Module 2 is now underway - I'm too unsettled to do the "h" word - well that's my excuse!
Sue xx