Tuesday, 6 October 2009

3D Christmas scene

I put the finishing touches to this project last night and I am delighted with how it turned out. This will be one of my projects for the Christmas countdown in November, remember, 25 projects, one a day for 25 days!
I was inspired to do this when I opened up my Christmas paper treasure box from last year. It's always exciting when the Christmas papers come out and I had almost forgotten about this set of "White Christmas" papers from Rusty Pickle. I had tried to go to the workshop demonstration at Art From The Heart last year, by Mr Rusty Pickle himself! But the class to make something with these papers was on one of my work days. To console myself I bought the paper pack from Dyan anyway and had never got around to using it.
When I got it out this week, I realised the images were quite big on each sheet. I had also been researching projects to start the Christmas countdown and had been rummaging through my huge box labelled "templates." This box can actually be quite frightening, because everything is shoved in together. I collect templates from magazines, or I print them off the Internet when I am blog hopping or I save cards that have been given to me that spark an idea, I even save adverts! So when you open this Pandora's box of templates, you find lots of bits of paper and nothing is labelled!!! Yikes! In this box was a 3D card I had sent to my nephews and nieces years ago when they were little. I kept one back as a template in case it might be useful! And yes it was! It gave me the basic construction idea for this scene, albeit mine is 12 x12 x4 inches and the original was only about 6x6x1! The beauty of it is you can flatten it to mail it to someone! Fab or what! With a few tweaks here and there and some strengthening of papers as Rusty Pickle papers are quite thin, I have arrived at the finished result and I love it! These subdued colours are just me, but if they are not your cup of tea, you can always follow the project and used your own ideas and papers to make your own scene! Give it some thought! Maybe you could even make a layout like Claudine Hellmuth does, with real life photo faces on cartoon bodies! Watch out for the instructions in November! TFLx


CoventryAnn said...

really looking forward to these CC!

Dylan said...

Hi babe, really cool project. We only have a limited supply of those papers left I,m afraid, but if they ring the shop Ben will put them right. Wow, 25 projects in 25 days, are you barking..?? lmao xx

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Ooooo thats gorgeous!!! what a fab idea :)
Can't wait for the instructions :D
Julie xx

a little bit of me........ said...

wow CC i cant wait to have a go at this i love it,