Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Be sure your sins will find you out!!!

A view of what's on my work desk at the moment!!

I have to admit, my stash diet was going ok until two weeks ago when suddenly there were a few things I just "had" to have. There were some October afternoon papers from The Craft Emporium, then there were some Woodware punches from Crafters Cove and some gorgeous Pink persimmon stamps from Mod Scraps. On Thursday, we were awakened harshly at 7am by the post man delivering my Craft Emporium order of October afternoon papers. (My logic was, if I ordered the papers I wanted, I would not be tempted to get a Studio Calico kit add on this month. Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!) I slept right through it, but fortunately, hubby lept out of bed and collected the parcel before he hastened back down the drive with it. Then, Friday morning it was my turn to hear him knock (or should that be hammer!) at 7am, this time with my Studio Calico kit! Finally, on Saturday morning at 7am, yes, you've guessed it, my Woodware punches arrived from Crafters Cove. Needless to say comments were made about my apparent spending spree!! I would not mind, but I had been home alone all day and could have taken delivery and disposed of any packaging evidence without hubby seeing it!!!

Is this a good time to admit I have made two orders from QVC craft day today??? Yikes, now how do I get away with those??? Answers on a postcard please!!! No evidence of any postal strike in this neck of the woods!! Lol! TFLx

P.S. I had to laugh! Our drive is a shared drive, slightly up off the street, which we share with next door. However, the woman who lives at the end of our drive is fed up of delivery vans misreading the angle of the driveway and driving straight across her front lawn! During the summer, she decided to erect some fancy poles with finials on to grow Ivy up as you are not allowed to erect a fence. I had a slight altercation with her father when he was concreting them in, as he decided to dig to Australia to get a firm foundation and I was worried that the edge of our drive was being undermined. Anyway, I photographed his antics up close and told him that if any deterioration of our drive occurred, I would have the evidence. Well, I came home from work last week to find the said post at a very rakish angle, obviously having been smacked by something serious!! As it was pointing up the drive, it was obviously from someone turning around in the drive entrance, something that happens frequently! Friday, she did her best to stand it up again, but I could see the post was split. Saturday, I returned from town to see the post snapped off on her front lawn! Sunday there is now a bloomin' great rock there!!! I had to giggle we told her the posts would not work and it was not just our deliveries that did it! Lol!! What has she achieved??? Maybe her dad will be back to dig out the concrete with the snapped off post in it!!! Neighbours don't you just love them!! Hmmmmmmm? I wonder if it was the postman????!!!! Lol!


SusieJ said...

Love your idea of a "stash diet" - very similar to mine! I don't get away with it often though as OH often works from home.
Heartening to realise though that we're not the only ones with "lovely" neighbours (shared access and next door have 5 cars to our one).
Sue xx

CoventryAnn said...

Pretend you have won a prize!! Freebies always go down well!!!

sue-bubbles said...

All this stash purchasing = music to my ears! Welldone CC, the economy needs gals like you (and me come payday on Friday!)
Sue x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

sounds as if you've had a fun stash diet CC, lol...

maria x