Monday, 5 October 2009

Display Easels

Yesterday, I spent all day woodworking in the garage and made four display easels for 12 x 12 layouts. They are based on a similar easel I bought on holiday in Germany and have found it to be most useful for displaying finished 12 x12 layouts whilst they dry or to display a favourite layout in the craft room for a while. The wood to make them was not cheap and I had to search ages for the dowel in the narrow diameter, but now I have four for sale in my shop here! Remember I am no woodworker really!! The one on the back right has a slight offcentred look about it! They are sturdy enough for cardstock layouts for scrapbooking and I have sanded all rough edges, but I think they could always be painted or customised by the person who buys them!!
How Ikea ever made and sold them for 50p or whatever I will never know! I had a workbench a mitre saw and a mitre block with an electric drill and a hammer!! It took me a day! I know some ladies expressed an interest in these but I will see how they go as a best seller! TFLx

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jackie(worcs) said...

Well done fabby easels.