Thursday, 15 October 2009

Ok, so it's Thursday already!

What happened there? I look at my blog and I see I have not reported in since Sunday!! We had DS1 home from Uni at the weekend as he is suffering from "Freshers Flu" and was not well at all. A couple of good night's sleep and a few hot baths and I took him back on Monday all set to face the world again. En-route we pass Owlcoats M&S, so mum and I decided we just had to do a trawl of autumn/winter clothes for her. This year has been tough for her, having a second heart operation in the year, so I think she deserved to treat herself! Can't believe I bought nothing! Tuesday and Wednesday I was back to work and managed to wake up both day's with a cracking headache!! When I came home yesterday and found I had run out of my prescribed headache pills, I just gave up and went to bed at 8pm! Hoping today will be a fresh start on that front!
Had my maiden voyage to Hobby Craft that just opened in Hull and managed not to spend anything!! Well I got a sheet of foam board and it came with a free sheet too! I think I am loosing my touch! Luckily I had done a little purchasing online from the Craft Emporium, of one or two October afternoon papers I wanted ( Love that she enc;loses a Twix inside!!!) and from Mod scraps some gorgeous little Scottie dog stamps for a few Christmas cards and a little Halloween something I will show you when it is complete.
Did have one night in the craft room on Tuesday, as I had the whole house to myself all evening. I made a couple of projects for the Christmas countdown!
Today is all about H*******k!!! We have guests arriving for the weekend tonight and I need to change beds and lick the house into shape for their arrival!!! Needless to say, I could be gone sometime! DS2 is going to have to sleep in the craft room bed, so I need to unearth that for a start!!! I think I have my work cut out!
Barney, is still causing us some sleepless nights. We had got into a new routine of him sleeping in his basket in our bedroom, which I don't like really, but now he is getting up and wandering about the bedroom during the night, pacing, so that is not working either!! I think at half term I will try to put him back downstairs and see how we get on! The new expensive pills they gave me to try, do not seem to be working.
Finally, there are changes at Studio Calico :( I don't like change!! Scarlet is leaving and so is Kirsty Wiseman and another designer Tina. I am sure April will keep it all going, but it seems incredible that things will not be the same around there!! On the plus side, the two new designers thay have are both super inspirational!! I have seen Celine in my French Scrapbooking mag and love her stuff and Lisa does some fab layouts too.
Ok, off to grab some brekky and hit those rooms hard with the Dyson!!! Wish me luck!!
I'll leave you with a sneak of another project! My version of Snowman Soup! (I've never made it before.)

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