Friday, 2 October 2009

So much to tell you....& old school photo's

Well, first things first, after carrying out a straw poll of votes over on the do-crafts forum, I have decided to put together another Christmas countdown during November. This was something I started last year and it was very well received, so I'm game if you are! It is a lot of hard work, but also very rewarding. Let's just hope I can keep it up to date! I have started researching items to make and listing ideas and last night I decided to make a start on one of my main items. If you want to play along, you will need to start saving unusual items like paper carrier bags, brown envelopes, cardboard in unusual shapes, tags from clothing, off cuts of sturdy plastic or acrylic sheet and odd pages from board books, photo wallets. I completed it today but need to keep it a secret a little while longer. I got so into making it last night I did not want to leave the craft room and go to bed! Then I could not get to sleep and first thing this morning I was straight in the craftroom to complete it.Next, someone asked in yesterday's comments how Barney was progressing. Well, needless to say he is now sleeping in our bedroom, in his basket which is the only way we are all getting some sleep, but I woke up at five to find him sitting on the end of the bed staring at me today, so not ideal! Going to try him downstairs again tonight, but I thought the tablets might have started working by now.I went shopping to the Range today and bought some glue and some mini Bonios. Yes you are not miss-reading things, that is about all I bought! There was one thing I got for £2.99, a photo display called a Foto-ladder. I has a series of clips that you can clip photo's to but I am hoping to use it to display my most recent layouts of to hang things whilst they dry.I then went to Dunelm Mills as someone on UKs said they had craft bargains, but ours, unfortunately, does not! However I walked out with some Snowmen and Angel "picks" that I hope to use in a Christmas countdown project and only 99p! Bargainous! I have just been having a browse on the net and noticed two things over at the Studio Calico forum. One is that someone posted a link to the new Cosmo Cricket lines Nutmeg I just love these elements.
The other thing is Studio Calico is about to bring out their own range that will be available in store and online. Not sure that it will get to Uk stores, but we can hope! Check it out! That's the only sneak we are permitted at the moment!
Right that's all for now, I am going before I throw this bloomin' blogger out the window! It's not playing fair tonight, refusing to scroll down and the deleting photo's when I just get them loaded in the right place! I could scream! I've loaded the Cosmo pic three times now! Phew!

Will just leave you with this layout featuring some very old photo's of me, one when I was eleven and just went to Grammar school and the other when I was taking my O-levels. Scrapped using a Pagemap. TFLx


SusieJ said...

What a fab LO - love the photos and I see you're still using that fabulous alpha!
Poor Barney - hope he improves - say "poor Barney" because Max always sleeps on our bed - he does wander during the night and has been known to wake me at 6 a.m. by licking me on my lips! Yuck!
Sue xx

Anonymous said...

Love the LO CC & cuddles to Barney - Bless him.
It would be great if Cosmo Cricket sold over here as their stuff is my era - what everything was like when I was a child in the 50's, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed....Mgt.

CoventryAnn said...

Fab vintage photos, i'd be ashamed to post pics of me as a teen, huge specs and a hideous perm!!! Loving the Cosmo papers!

jackie(worcs) said...

Great LOs CC. Looking forward to your xmas countdown again this year.