Friday, 27 November 2009

Job's for today list!

(One of my layouts from the recent UKs cybercrop. Those tiny rolls of paper all down the left hand side, make this very 3D. The checked fabric adds texture too. Basic Grey Wassail papers.)

To Do List:
Barney's Christmas card shoot - very late I know and no outfit yet!!
Last weeks ironing done
This week's ironing done
Upstairs cleaning (Got totally sidelined last week due to DS1's washing and ironing mountain from Uni!) some of it done
Walking the dog done
Listing things on eBay done
Studio Calico subscribers reveal 5pm done
DS2 Haircut after school 5.15pm done
Cook something for tea done

Ok, I can't see any crafting on there???? Yesterday was lost to the queen as I ended up taking DS2 into town for his Tap exam at ten and did not get back until 2, then did a quick processing of washing and drying and walked the dog, before nipping off to school for a two hour twilight meeting!!! Fortunately hubby had managed to follow the pasta recipe to the letter, so tea was on the table when I got in, but after tea, everything went to pot! I was so cold, I ended up getting into bed at 8.30 with the electric blanket on and next thing I know it's nearly midnight!!! Well, I must have needed it!! At least I was not sickening for something, as this morning I feel fine!

I set off yesterday with scrapping in mind, taking my camera into town as we have a German Christmas market this year, but I never got to it!! I spent ages in TK Maxx and Debenhams trying to get a few presents sorted. It is hubby's birthday next week, so thought I had better pull my finger out and get something quick!! (If he is reading this, which he does from time to time) don't panic!! It's sorted!! Lol!

Did I tell you I managed to blow up the bedroom telly??? No? Well that was something!! On Saturday night, I retreated to the bedroom due to "wall to wall" match of the day down stairs and suddenly, part way through my program, there was a flash and a bang and the telly went off and then there was a strong smell of burning plastic!!! I suppose it is an old telly and we can't grumble, we have decided it was about 14 years old, not bad these days for an appliance!!! I know how old it is, because it was the replacement for a telly that DS2 broke when he was only 18 months old!!! Yep! That's true too! Another funny story! (This post is turning into a Ronnie Corbett monologue again!!) DS1 had done his first day at school and he had been sent a first day at school card by grandma. I placed it on top of the telly and DS2 decided he wanted a closer look. He must have pulled himself up and the telly on the shiny mahogany video cabinet, went flying and the tube smashed on the floor! How DS2 did not get hurt I will never know! Anyhow, that was how I know when we bought this telly as it was the insurance replacement!

Ok, rambling over, I know how you have all missed these real life posts! Not!!! I can put it off no longer, Ironing here I come!
Updated at 7pm!


SusieJ said...

When you've done your ironing will you do mine?lol
Your list reads like mine and I don't feel up to any of it.
Have a great (if busy!) day.
Sue xx

jackie(worcs) said...

Hi there, looking forward to seeing the results of Barneys photo shoot!