Thursday, 26 November 2009

Pen drives wash at 40 degrees!!

I know this for a fact, because in the mountain of washing that accompanied my son home from Uni this weekend, was a pen drive in his jeans pocket that has been "missing for ages" apparently! I was just about to iron it when I discovered it and spent an anxious few moments wondering if he had all his work backed up!! Fortunately for me, unlike phones that can't swim, flash drives apparently can!! Another delight for me this weekend was the three day old wet football kit that was in a knotted carrier bag that had started to grow mould!! Due to his lack of funds, he had been unable to afford a washing machine this week and so had just brought it home!!! Well , I have to say it's not as bad as his mate who has not washed his bedding since his mum put the sheets on, on September 20th! Well, the Christmas countdown is over for another year! Can't believe how quickly that has gone!! I have a few extra projects that I will be sharing with you over the next few days. What else have you missed? Well, there was a cybercrop over at UKs and I only had chance to do a few layout classes as I was a bit heavily committed that weekend including my first ever craft fayre!! I had a great time at the craft fayre and it was interesting to see what was popular and what I have still got left!! I also wrote one of my funny poems, for a friend who has undergone reconstruction surgery after her mastectomy and posted a hilarious account of her fitting for a new nipple! Yes that is true and she wanted a poem to accompany her page!! I admire her spirit, scrapping her journey! I will ask her permission before sharing it here!
So back to normal posting for me! Still some craft work to do before Christmas!! TFLx

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SusieJ said...

Thanks for the warning CC - DS has not been home since we took him to Uni on 19th Sept - I know he's done at least one wash of clothes but am dreading the sheets and towels (knew I was right to buy black!lol).
Sue xx