Sunday, 1 November 2009

Project 1 - December Daily Album

Welcome to the 2009 Christmas Countdown!! 25 projects in 25 days!!! Can you believe it is November already?? So, get cracking!! These are projects that I have made, sometimes designed by me, or inspired by others, ideas I see in shops or indeed a fabulous thread on UKs (that I have referred to earlier about cheap and cheerful Christmas presents.) Some are old ideas given a new slant as I have not made them before. All of them are made for your enjoyment, so join in with whichever ones you choose. If templates are required, they will be available to download from, just like last year.
Project 1 - December Daily Album
I have been meaning to make one of these for some time as I love the idea of an album with all mismatched pages. This is Ali Edwards one here that gave me the original inspiration and she is about to blog here latest one for 2009 starting on Monday.

When it is complete, even before you start to record your December day by day in either words or pictures, it is already quite chunky, so make sure your book rings are big enough! Not sure mine are!!!
There are no rules as to what to make it from, you can be as inventive as you like!! I am a bit of a collector of things that "might come in useful" so this was a great opportunity to use them!!
If you know me by now, you will now my love of all things retro. Last year I had managed to snaffle a few of these Daisy D's papers that I love in the sales and now of course they are no more :(
My album was made from various things and I will show you each page in more detail, day by day as we go through the countdown process.

You Will Need :
Old paper bags and carriers. Covers from old diaries and acrylic covers from old notebooks, brown envelopes, odd pages from mini albums, beer coasters etc.
Cropadile or Big Bite
6 Large Eyelets
Large book rings
Embellishments various - buttons, bells, padlock etc
One sheet of 12 x12 paper with numbers on
Various sheets of 12x12 patterned paper to cover each page
A collection of tags from clothing or luggage labels (can be made from kraft)
Double sided tape

1. Select your pages and cut to size if necessary. I like them to be all different sizes.

2. Assemble all your pages in order and just have a look at them before you punch them with your Cropadile or Big Bite. I used a template of a page from an acrylic Papermania album, so that all my holes would line up.
3. Cover each page of your album using double sided tape and a gluestick to attach your patterned papers. I used, brown envelopes, paper bags and even a wallet from some photographs, all of which were unrecognisable once they were covered!

4. Once each page is covered and threaded on the book rings, choose a sheet of paper that has the numbers for each day on, that you can cut out. This one was from K & Co Swell Noel line. Cut out each number and glue on each page of your album. (You could leave this to do as you go along, in case you need a couple of pages for a day. I tried to make sure I had envelopes with lots of tags in for the days I know will be busy, like hubby's birthday and DS1's birthday!!!)

5. Trim your pages with various embellishments and also decorate the book rings. Again this could be done as you go along.

6. For the cover, you need to cover it in patterned paper and then punch the holes for the book rings. I then used eyelets in these holes to add strength. I also punched an eyelet in the front and back cover to create a ribbon tie, to make sure it stayed closed!!

Now you are ready to go. All you need to do is record something daily for your album. If you don't have time to write, then simply take a picture or two! Let's see how we get on!

Drop by tomorrow for another crafting project. TFLx


Hi I'm Maria... said...

oh my goodness CC, was only saying to gina the other day was going to do a daily Dec count down, lol... as it's stevens last year at school...

mine won't be a posh as yours as want to fit it in my A-Z of me, (I settled on gingerbread men shapes to write on)...but love your idea of using different items for pages...

defiantly one for next Dec for me, thanks, am really looking forward to seeing yours as it gets filled...

maria x

craftattack said...

Well done, some lovely ideas there!

misteejay said...

What a lovely start to this year's countdown - great album Caroline.

Toni :o)

jackie(worcs) said...

Great looking project CC. Have been looking forward to your projects, so cant wait to see what you have in store for us!
Jackie :-)

sue-bubbles said...

A fabulous start CC! I shall have a ponder on this one - so many possibilities!
Sue x

craftattack said...

Lovely album and ideas!

Anonymous said...

im really excited about this one caroline, this is right up my street. i love a mixture of different size pages, pockets and tags. will try to sort papers out tomorrow. thanks cc.
gina xxxxxx

jan said...

Hi CC looks lovely your Dec countdown, like the album idea, many thanks.Jan x