Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Project 10 - Snowman Soup

An oldie, but a goodie, here is my version as I have never made it before and it will go a bomb at the Christmas Fayre!
Yet another project that does some recycling. I used brown paper bags that were 12x12 from my kit club and cut them down to make these!

You Will Need :
Brown Paper bags or parcel wrapping on a roll.
Off cuts of white snowflake paper
Off cut of black Bazzill card stock
Tiny piece of orange card stock
A Button
Two black brads
Dark Brown chalk eye ink pad
One sachet of Hot chocolate
A few tiny marshmallows in a cellophane bag
One candy cane
Printed Snowman Soup poem (Mine was from Nichole Heady Type pad here )
Circle punches in three sizes (Mine were Woodware punches in purple, pink and blue)
Sewing Machine and red thread.
Cropadile Big Bite
Tim Holtz tiny attacher

1. Using the circle punches, punch out three sizes of patterned paper (I used Magenta soft snowflakes paper offcuts from last year). Ink around the edges lightly using the chalk eye ink pad to add dimension.
2. Decide on your size of your paper bag. I made mine just big enough for the snowman. I cut an oblong of brown paper, folded in a small amount along the side and then folded it in half length ways. Stick your snowman to the front, overlapping each circle slightly. Add the brads and a small piece of card for the nose, glue in position. Open out the folded bag and punch a hole with a Cropadile Big Bite, centrally where the Snowman's body is. This is to take the ribbon to hold the candy cane.

3. Thread a button on to a length of ribbon and slide it to the centre of the ribbon. From the inside of the bag thread both ends of ribbon through the hole, out to the front of the snowman. (The button stops the ribbon from coming right out.) This is where you will tie your candy cane later.
4. Now you can sew the bag up the side and across the bottom.
5. Collect the items for the Snowman soup; the chocolate drink, the marshmallows in a bag and the candy cane. Place the chocolate powder and marshmallows inside the brown paper bag.
6. Cut a top hat from off cuts of Bazzill card stock. I folded the edges under to apply double sided tape to stick it in place.
7. print off your Snowman soup poem (if required) and punch them out using a scallop circle punch (Blue Woodware.) Punch a hole in the top and thread them on to a piece of string or narrow ribbon. Tie with a knot. Staple this label to the top edge of the paper bag with a tiny attacher.
8. Cut a length of ribbon to make a handle for the bag. Staple to both sides of the paper bag to seal it, making a cross with the staples to hold the ribbon securely. Finally tie the candy cane to the front using the ribbon secured earlier. Tie a knot.

Voila! One Snowman soup! Or should I say six!!
December Daily - Day 10

This page is another black album page I had spare. This time I threaded ribbon through the holes in the top edge and made a lacing pattern. I decorated both sides with a piece of patterned paper. The 10th of December is my sister's birthday, so should have some pics for this date! Inserted an antique lotto card too for extra space.

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Rosemary said...

They are gorgeous, I can see some on the Christmas tree for the girls in the family.