Friday, 13 November 2009

Project 13 - Gardeners gifts

This idea was an original one of mine, designed when I came across a basket of seeds in the garden centre. I know from personal experience, my dad is always in the garden and puts a 'post it' on the back door for delivery men to see! As men are also tricky to buy for, the idea just grew!! It could be perfect for gardening 'gals' too! When I was deciding what to give the gift in, the idea of newspaper pots came to me. Now I have a lot of brown paper bags to recycle from my kit club, so I decided to make mine from brown paper bags instead! You could do either!! You could use a sheet of patterned paper for gals!!
The signs are made from chipboard and I recycled a child's board book from a charity shop. They are not waterproof, as they are designed to be outside temporarily, but you could make them from MDF and varnish them if you want them more robust.
It is up to you how much you add to this gift. it could have extras put in like twine and maybe a gardening voucher, but I decided to keep the cost down as they were for the fayre and people could always add to them.

You will need:
Packets of seeds - 3 per pot
Off cuts of gardeners twine
Off cut of Kraft card stock or a luggage label
Plant labels
Permanent marker
Chipboard for the sign (new or recycled) or MDF
Patterned papers
12x12 paper bag or newspaper for the bio degradable pot
Double sided tape
Embellishments and alphabet 'Thickers' for the sign
Silicone Glue
Aluminium garden wire
Cropadile Big Bite
Large Eyelets
Fine nosed pliers
Alphabet stamps
Stazon Ink
Brown chalk eye ink pad
Glue stick

1. Group your seeds into themes. I made herb garden, salad garden and flower garden sets. Cut out a luggage label from Kraft card stock and stamp the title on the label using the alphabet stamps and Stazon ink. Tie the seed packets together with the label using an off cut of gardeners twine.
2. If using a recycled chipboard book, peel off the shiny surface layer carefully and cut the page to size. Round the corners.
Apply double sided tape to the edges and then glue stick to the centre. Place face down on a sheet of patterned paper (I used Cosmo Cricket Mr Campy papers as they had a garden feel) and trim around the edge using a craft knife.
Ink the edges using a chalk eye ink pad in dark brown. Repeat on the back.
3. Using the alphabet Thickers and silicone glue, apply your message to the sign, I mixed alphabets for a quirky look. I used various messages, some funny and some straight forward. Add buttons and other embellishments to decorate.
Punch and set an eyelet in the corner of each sign to take the wire.
Wind a length of wire around the nose of the pliers to make a coil. Thread through the eyelet from front to back then make a loop. Thread back through to the front and coil this end around the nose of the pliers. Adjust as necessary and cut off any excess.
4. For the biodegradable pot, cut the brown paper or newspaper into a 12 inch square. Fold into thirds in both directions then open out. Turn the paper over and fold into thirds on this side too, so the creases work both ways. Bring the corners of the two sides of the pot together which will create a triangle fold in the outside corner section as in the photo below. Crease and fold flat against the pot side, hold in place with a clothes peg whilst you fold the other corner to overlap it.
Now turn around and do the same on the other side of the pot. To hold them in place, punch a hole with the Cropadile and insert a brad. Hold the corner down using a quarter circle of patterned paper (I recycled a Studio Calico sticker!)
5. Place the sign in the pot and add the packets of seeds. I also added some plant labels tied up with twine and a permanent marker. You are all set to go!! Make one for the gardeners you know! Those signs will be unique!! Pop by tomorrow for another crafting project! TFLx


SusieJ said...

Great project CC - will be just right for a gardening friend of mine. Thanks for the inspiration!
Sue xx

CoventryAnn said...

What a great idea, love the pot too.