Saturday, 14 November 2009

Project 14 - Christmas Tapas

Last year we had Sweetie Blooms that were very popular, this year I have done a variation, called Christmas Tapas - a selection of little things, in this case, that are sweet! You even give a decoration and a pen pot too!
You Will Need:
A Christmas "pick" (my little people on a stick were metal, but you can choose what you want on a stick or stem.)
A metal or ceramic plant pot (mine were from Ikea)
Tissue Paper
Selection of children's sweets and lollies
Flower stamp
Patterned paper off cuts
Stazon ink
Silicone glue
bamboo skewer

1. Arrange the sweets inside the plant pot using tissue paper to support them in the best arrangement.2. Make the bloom for the pot by stamping a flower onto patterned paper and cut out. Add a smaller flower to the centre with silicone and a button on the top for the middle. Glue the bloom to a bamboo skewer as a stalk and add a few leaves cut from double sided green paper. Leave to dry then stand in the pot amongst the sweets. 3. Cut a long strip of cellophane enough to gather up around the pot and tie in position above the sweets and the bloom, with a raffia bow.
4. Slide the Christmas pick carefully into the centre of the pot through the cellophane. These are so cute and an enjoyable was of giving a few sweets without the wasted packaging!

December Daily - Day14
Today's page is a brown paper bag, with the open side acting as a pocket to add photo's or journaling cards. Decorate with patterned paper off cuts. Edge with a rub on tape roller for decoration. Pop by tomorrow for another crafting project! TFLx


Crafty Dawn said...

Wonderful Ideas as always

Love Dawn xx

jackie(worcs) said...

I love this idea CC, thank you.

SusieJ said...

Another lovely (and inspiring) project!
Sue xx

Virginia said...

I love this idea - it's fantastic, loving the little people on the stick! Thank you for the inspiration!