Sunday, 15 November 2009

Project 15 - Christmas Tree Decorations

Each year we try and add something new to the Christmas tree as a family tradition. I love shaker style so I try and get something with a folk art feel. Here I have made three different types of tree decorations for different level and abilities. The first type is a self assembly job and there are many sets out there and the kids love to help make them. The second is a decoration made from dried cranberries, the third is little sewn birds.

You will need:
Cosmo Cricket Buck Naked Ornaments (Christmas theme chipboard shapes)
Cosmo Cricket 12x12 die cuts to match the Buck naked ornaments (optional)
Paint dabbers
Stickles/glitter (optional)

Dried cranberries (from health food store)
Gingham ribbon
Florists wire
Fine nosed pliers
Heart template
Fabric offcuts
Sewing Machine
Bird template
Pinking Shears
Embroidery thread

1.Fabric Birds
Draw around bird template on the wrong side of the fabric using light pencil or a water soluble marker pen. Place two layers of fabric right sides together and stitch around the outside, leaving a gap for stuffing.
2. Trim close to the stitching with pinking shears, clip the corners carefully and turn right side out. Make a wing from two layers of fabric, this time place then wrong sides together. Draw the wing shape using water soluble marker pen and stitch around the shape slowly using a zig zag stitch of width 2 that is very close together like a satin stitch (length approx 1/2). Cut it out close to the stitching with small sharp scissors, taking care not to snip the stitches.
3. Stuff the bird shape tightly, using a pencil to push the stuffing into the points. Close the gap using neat hand oversewing stitch.
4. Using embroidery thread, stitch the wing to the body using a large back stitch and knot the ends for decoration. Clip the threads. Stitch the button as the eye using the same technique and also the ribbon to hang the bird up.
1. Buck Naked Ornaments
If you are using the die cut shapes, find the parts that match the naked ornaments, including the layering parts, stick in place with glue stick or PVA and leave to dry.

2. Paint the back and edges of each ornament using paint dabbers or Maya mist. Leave to dry.
Attach fine string to the button shapes, which are to conceal the photo holder in the larger ornaments. This string forms the handle, so leave enough to get hold of. Thread each ornament on twine to hang on the tree, to maintain a shaker look to the ornaments. decorate with Stickles or glitter if required.
If you don't use the die cuts, you could paint each shape and add buttons, sequins, ribbons etc to decorate. The children will love to do this!

1. Dried Cranberry Hearts
Bend a 12" piece of wire in the centre, around the nose of the pliers and twist to form a small loop. Curl each side of the wire around the outside of the heart template and cross over at the bottom to get a nice heart shape. Do not close the heart yet as we need to thread the cranberries on.
2. using dried cranberries, thread each one on to the wire and slide it up to the apex at the top, carefully pack the cranberries on to the wire, but not to closely. This is a bit fiddly and you get a bit sticky but the effect is good!
3. When you reach the bottom on both sides of the wire heart, take the pliers and twist the ends together to hold it closed. Snip off any excess wire with the cutters on the pliers.
4. Thread a length of gingham ribbon from the centre of the heart and knot. Hang the hearts in an airing cupboard or over a radiator to complete the drying out process for a few days before hanging on the tree. Just three suggestions, but there are loads more!!!

December Daily - Day 15
You may recognise this day's page, as it is the top half of the Laura Ashley carrier bag I used for an earlier date!! Cover both sides with patterned paper and seal the open edges with double sided tape. Open out the gusset sides of the bag (which will form flaps to write in top and bottom of your page) and cover these with patterned paper too.
Punch holes in the long edge of the page and add to your album.
Pop by tomorrow for another crafting project! Only ten more days of the Christmas countdown projects to go!! TFLx
P.S. Please let me know about any projects you complete and leave me a link to your blog so I can take a peep!!


clare said...

Gorgeous creations...i to love the shaker style decorations..esp the xmas ones...thanks for sharing your lovely idea's.
Can i ask where you got your gold metal tree looking for one of these to hang my creations on for a xmas fair im doing...hope you dont me asking?? thanks hugs clare xx

cannycrafter said...

It was from Debenhams last year, but it was the last one and I had to get permission to remove it from the display so it had no box! Must have been popular!! HTH x