Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Project 18 - Reindeer Poop!

Yes you did read that correctly, it seems to be all the rage at the moment! It will bring a smile to childish faces young and old!!

You will need:
Chocolate Raisins
cellophane and curling ribbon
Scotch magic tape
Double sided tape
A4 sheet of thick patterned paper like American Crafts
Woodware circle punch and scallop circle punch in blue
Tiny alpha stamp set
Black ink pad
Brown chalk eye ink pad
Offcuts of red and brown paper
Tiny brads
Pennant stamp (Pink Persimmon)
Flower brad
Silicone glue

1. Make a cone of cellophane and secure with Scotch magic tape. Fill with chocolate raisins, tie with curling ribbon and curl.

2. For the reindeer character head, sketch a head shape with ears on to plain brown patterned paper and cut out. Ink around the edges with dark brown ink pad for shading. Cut out an oval in red plain patterned paper, ink the edges and mount on to the reindeer face with a large foam pad. Cut two small red ear shapes to sit inside the ear for contrast. (See close up of face below.)Pierce and add two small brads for the eyes, quite close together looks cute! For the antlers, punch out a scallop circle in brown. Using the plain circle punch clip small amounts off the edge of the scallop in sections to make antlers. You can get three equal sized antlers per scallop circle. Put these on one side for later.
3. Stamp the pennant stamp in a colour to co-ordinate with your paper for the cone. Stamp the outline stamp over the top. Using the small alphabet stamp set, stamps the words "reindeer poop" in black.
4. To make the cone, fold the A4 sheet of patterned paper in half and just pinch at the centre point - DO NOT CREASE IT ALL THE WAY UP! This gives you a centre point to form the base of your cone from.
5. Before rolling the cone, apply double sided tape along one corner of the paper in two directions as in this photograph. About three inch pieces are long enough. Starting with the tape at the far edge, away from you, curl the cone shape, keeping the base nice and tight. Remove the tape backing as you get there and secure the cone closed by pressing lightly.
6. To secure the cone closed, pierce a hole with a pricking tool at the final edge of the overlap and push a brad through to the inside of the cone and open put on the back.
Slide the cellophane bag of chocolate raisins into the decorative cone.
7. To close the cone, fold the top open point down on to the back of the cone and secure with scotch magic tape. Fold in both pointy "ears" of the cone to the back and crease, to help hold the cone closed. Apply a small amount of glue to the point of the pennant and slide into the seam on the top right hand corner.
8. Using a small amount of silicone glue, apply some to the reindeer head and place on the front of the cone for decoration. Apply small amounts of glue to each antler and tuck them behind the reindeer face. Allow to dry.
These could also be made in traditional colours and placed on the Christmas table as table favours. Fill with everyone's favourite sweets of small gift instead of a cracker!
December daily album - Day 18
This day is the other side of the plastic notebook cover that has a pocket on it again. I covered the inside of the cover with a piece of patterned paper and then made some tags from Anna Griffin paper that looks like antique Christmas cards. I cut them out individually and mounted them on card to make tags. Punch a hole and add some ribbon to each one.
As an extra page, I covered this thin "bottle" shape page (another find at the hairdressers shop!) with patterned paper and added some eyelets and the word NOEL cut from backing paper. This page could always be moved to where extra space is needed as it has no number on it "a floating page!"
Pop by tomorrow for another crafting project! TFLx

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