Thursday, 19 November 2009

Project 19 - A Carrier bag holder

Last year we made and apron out of a tea towel, this year we are making a bag for bags! If you are like me, you have a bag of bags, just in case!!! Less now maybe than before, now we have bags for life, but those I do get I am determined to keep and recycle, so this would be a very useful gift. I did machine applique on this one, but again you could use Bondaweb and just cut out the letters and iron them in place!

You will need;
A linen type tea towel (not a thick towelling one with pile)
Scraps of patterned fabric
3 Buttons
Embroidery thread
20 cm narrow Elastic
1 metre of Cord
Sewing Machine
Safety Pin

1. Iron scraps of fabric big enough for your letters on to Bondaweb or I used iron on Vilene. Cut out the letters big and chunky to make them easier to sew around.
Open out the tea towel flat, long edges at the top and bottom, and pin or iron the letters in place in the centre of the towel.

2. As I used Iron on Vilene, I had to pin my letters to hold them still and then carefully stitch around the letters using a satin stitch, that is a zig-zag stitch of about width 2 and length of a half. Iron the letters again after sewing to flatten them. Sew buttons on with embroidery thread for the holes in the letters B and A.
3. Fold the bag in half with the letters on the INSIDE. Join the two short edges of the towel together with a straight seam. Remember to reverse at each end of your stitching to secure!! Turn the right way out.
4. Fold a hem to the inside and stitch, at the top and bottom of the bag, leaving an opening to thread the elastic and the cord. At the top, thread the cord through the channel you have made, using a safety pin to push it along. Knot the two ends of the cord. At the bottom, use the safety pin to thread the elastic through, Pull up until you can get your hand inside comfortably, then knot the two ends together.

A great hand made gift that will tidy up a few kitchen cupboards I am sure!!!
December Daily - Day 19
This page is another of the jar looking pages I got from the hairdressers!! This time I covered the whole page in patterned paper and then tied a ribbon around the neck to make it look like a jar! I threaded a tag made from Anna Griffin paper on to the ribbon to look like a label.
Pop by tomorrow for another crafting project! TFLx
P.S. Only one more week to go to the end of the countdown!! Wow!

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