Monday, 2 November 2009

Project 2 - Pot Of Gold

This is one of my favourite craft projects from the countdown this year and as all good things, it came together by accident. It is my version of an idea that was discussed on the thread on UKs (I mentioned yesterday. )The idea was to make a pot of gold coins that could be used to give a lottery ticket as a present - a potential pot of gold! I happened to be in in Wilko's and found some tiny plant post they were selling off cheap. That, coupled with a wooden flower I bought in Germany last year, gave me the inspiration to do this!
You will need;
Corrugated card from an old cardboard box
Pot of gold template here
Green patterned papers
Coloured patterned papers for the flower
Scraps of Kraft cardstock
Raffia or string
Small alphabet stamps
Black ink pad
Green Ink Pad
Large brad for flower centre
PVA glue
Glue stick
Glue gun (Optional)
Small plastic 3" plant pot
Chocolate coins (One net does two flowers)
1. Print off the 'pot of gold' template and glue it to thick card, so it is easy to draw around. Cut it out. This can be your master template and can be used over and over again.
Draw around your master template for the pot and flower stem on to corrugated card. You need two of these, but try to get the corrugations going in different directions to add strength to the flower like this. Glue these two shapes together using PVA and leave to dry under a heavy book.
2. Cut out four plant pots, again trying to get the corrugations going in different directions. Glue the plant pots to either side of the flower, two on each side.
3. Cut out one flower pot pattern piece in ordinary brown parcel paper. Wrap this around the plant pot base of the corrugated card to neaten the whole flower.
4. Cut out pairs of each leaf and a pair of stems from green patterned or plain paper. This is important that you have a matching pair (A right and a left of each leaf and stem so they fit on the back and front of the flower. Stick them to the corrugated card using glue stick. Make sure all the brown card is covered. Ink the edges with a green ink pad and add details to the leaves using crayons or felt pens.
5. Using scallop and circle punches in various sizes, (or hand cut circles or die cut circles) punch out circles of different sizes. (I punched two large, two medium and two small using my Woodware punches in Purple, pink and blue. I also used some old pages from books for my flowers.) Ink the edges of the flowers if you want and secure together with a large brad.
6. Using the Cropadile, punch a hole in the rim of the plant pot. Make a small tag from scraps of kraft card stock and punch a small hole in the top. Using some small alphabet stamps, stamp "Pot of gold" on the tag, ink the edges in green and tie it onto the pot using Raffia or string.
7. Wedge the cardboard flower inside the plastic plant pot, you can stick it using a glue gun if you want to make it more secure. Place tissue paper either side of the cardboard plant to keep it upright and then add gold coins to the surface to fill the pot up, front and back.
There is a verse available on the internet for you to add to the tag, otherwise just paperclip your lottery ticket gift to the plant label. One very cheap and cheerful Christmas gift that could be a true pot of gold!!
December Daily album page 1 - My page one consists of a normal DL brown envelop which I added patterned paper to and punched with large eyelets. As December 1st usually means the start of all my lists, I decided to make a tall slim tag book for all my lists, card lists, present lists, food shopping lists etc etc, I used a set of "bottle" cards the hairdresser was throwing away!! I will type up my lists and glue them on each one. I am going to record how much postage is for a card this year too, maybe the cost of food and drink items too. Maybe the recipe for my cake and pudding, who knows what I will add!!

Drop by tomorrow for another crafting project! TFLx

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Scrappy~Sarah said...

love your take on the pot of gold...ingenious for a gift for a gardener :) TFS