Friday, 20 November 2009

Project 20 - Wreaths and Garlands

This year I have made an outdoor wreath an indoor wreath and a spice garland for the kitchen! All would make great gifts too!

Outdoor Wreath
You Will Need:
A plain wreath of green artificial spruce (Homebase or similar)
3 Christmas Ornaments that will withstand outside
One reel of wire edged ribbon
Nutmeg, Cinnamon sticks and dried orange slices
Felt star or similar
Welcome plaque made from Balsa wood or similar painted with word "welcome" and sprayed with spray varnish
Florist wire

1. Lay the wreath on the table and begin by placing items around the wreath to check the arrangement, remember odd numbers of things are best design wise!!
2. Tie a bow in the wire edged ribbon and place to one side, twirl the ends. Punch holes in the top corners of the sign and thread wire through the top to hang up. wind it around a pencil to get a twirl effect before threading back through the other side.
3. Once you are happy with the placement of the items, wire them on to the wreath using the florist wire. Hang from the door with a wreath hanger (I wire mine to this to stop thieves!!!)

Indoor Wreath
You Will Need:
Corrugated cardboard
Sheet music
Patterned paper
PVA glue
Foam spreader
Maya Mist - iridescent pearl
Heidi Swapp clear extras - runway

1. Draw a circle on corrugated card and cut away the inner circle to create a wreath ring about 8 inches in diameter. Cut a second one and glue them together for strength making sure the corrugations go in two directions. Leave to dry. Cover one side of the wreath ring with the patterned paper. Tie a loop of string around the wreath ring at this stage to hang up with later.
2. Cut the sheet music into oblongs of various sizes about six inches by four - some bigger and some smaller.

3. Roll each oblong of sheet music into a cone shape and spread glue along the edge to close the seam. Arrange the cones on the wreath ring and apply with PVA glue. Go all around the wreath ring in one layer and leave to dry.
4. When dry, arrange some extra cones of sheet music to cover any gaps in the first layer, so the wreath ring is not visible underneath.
5. Decorate the wreath with 3 clear extras and spritz with Maya Mist in iridescent pearl.

Spice garland
You will need:
6 oranges
1 pack of nutmegs (Mine were from Holland and Barrett)
1 pack of cinnamon sticks
1 box of bay leaves
scraps of fabric
4 mini wooden cotton reels
1. Slice the oranges and lay on a baking tray. Dry them in the oven on a low heat for a long time, turning regularly until they have dried out fully. They smell gorgeous by the way!
Meanwhile, drill a hole through each nutmeg using a cordless screw driver and a fine drill bit. They are quite soft!
2. Group the cinnamon sticks into bundles and tie up securely with twine. Rip the fabric into strips, with tatty edges.
3. Using a darning needle and some twine, start threading all the items on the string in groups, being random with the order. Ties scraps of fabric here and there between items. Make a loop in each end of the twine to hang it up with.

December Daily Album - Day 20
The other side of the jar shaped page. A small piece of patterned paper is stuck down on three sides to make a pocket. A card from some Anna Griffin ribbon makes a pretty tag with a ribbon pull added to the top.
Pop by tomorrow for another crafting project! TFLx


Scrappy~Sarah said...

Some fabulous work and inspiration :) TFS

jackie(worcs) said...

Hi I love the music sheet wreath its gorgeous!