Saturday, 21 November 2009

Project 21 - Voucher Vases

Last year I was looking for a novel way to give money or a voucher and I came up with money wallets. This year I decided to get a bit more creative and make a nice gift for a gift card that looked a bot more special, I came up with voucher vases!

You will need:
A small bud vase (mine were from IKEA)
Five bamboo kebab skewers
Patterned paper
Candy Cane
Ribbon offcut
Curling ribbon
Silicone Glue
Flower rubber stamp in large and small
Ink Pad
3" Woodware scallop circle punch (purple)
Smaller Woodware scallop circle punch (Blue)
Aluminium garden wire
Fine nosed pliers
1. Stamp the flower images on to the patterned paper in two different sizes. Pucn out using the scallop circle punches or hand cut if you prefer.
2. Layer the flowers up using silicone glue and add a button for the flower centre. Glue the flower to the bamboo skewers using the silicone and leave to dry overnight. Add leaves cut from green paper if you want, but not too far down the stems or they will not go in the bud vase.
3. Cut a long length of wire and curl one end around the fine nosed pliers to make a spiral, like we did for the photo holder. Flatten it gently and this will hold your gift card.
4. Tie a short piece of ribbon around the neck of the bud vase and knot or tie a bow.
5. Arrange the flowers in your hand in a bunch and add the gift card folder. When you are happy with the display, hold the stems together temporarily with some sellotape. Using a long length of curling ribbon, wrap tightly around the stems and knot it tightly. Curl the long ends that remain using the blade of your scissors. Feed the long ends into the bud vase and then the stems of the flowers. Check you are happy with the arrangement and then wedge them in place using the candy cane stick.
6. Cut a long strip of cellophane about 50cm wide, stand the vase in the centre and bring up opposite corners and staple. Make pleats in the excess at the sides and staple in place. Curl a long length of ribbon and staple to the top. All you need to do now is add a gift tag! Garden vouchers are great given this way!!
December daily - Day 21
Another spare black page from a mini album. Just add patterned paper and a couple of tags.
Pop back tomorrow for another crafting project! TFLx


Rosemary said...

What a pretty idea, and so versatile. We have a couple of vouchers to give this year so I think you have just inspired me.

SusieJ said...

Ooh! Another yummy gift! Where do you find the time to come up with these projects?!
Don't really care what the answer is - you are providing soooo much inspiration. Thanks!
Sue xx