Monday, 23 November 2009

Project 23 - Laundry Bags

A great gift idea in two different sizes. You can use them to hang up in your room on holiday to collect all the smalls and keep them safe until you return home. I have done machine applique on mine again, but you could just iron on the design using Bondaweb or even embroidery. These are made from Linen tea towels that I have bought whilst on holiday! (Yes, I know I am strange!!) The blue one was a large tea towel from Italy and the red one was a smaller tea towel from a French supermarket.
You Will Need:
A linen tea towel
Scraps of cotton fabric
Vilene or Bondaweb to iron on the back of the scraps
Sewing machine
1. Draw some simple clothes or letters on to scrap paper and cut out. Iron Bondaweb on to the scraps of fabric, pin on the pattern pieces and cut put.
2. Fold the teas towel in half and arrange the clothing or letters centrally on the tea towel. Iron in place to secure. Open the tea towel out flat before sewing with a machine satin stitch as before. (Zig-zag stitch width 2 and length about one half.) Press it flat when complete.
3. With right sides together, sew the bag together across the bottom and up the side. Turn down a hem on the inside of the top of the bag, big enough to take the cord you have chosen, remember it needs to be washable!! Leave a gap to be ab;e to thread the cord in.
4. Using a safety pin, thread the cord through the channel around the top and knot securely. Check the cord will gather up, by drawing the bag closed. Your laundry bag is complete!
December Daily - Day 23
This date is my elder son's birthday, so I have made this page an envelope to store photo's inside. I took an old cardboard photo envelope and covered it with patterned paper on all sides. I added some large eyelets to stop the holes from tearing as there might be a lot in this page! I covered the folded edges on the wallet with ribbon - fabric and paper. I added a fabric tag from Making memories for decoration.
Pop by tomorrow fro another crafting project! TFLx

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