Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Project 24 - Coasters - teacher gift

I have to admit these are not a new idea, I have made them before on this blog, in fact it was my son who made them first here, however it suddenly struck me what a fab teacher gift they would make!! Take care with your laminating, she says, who managed to laminate one of these to the rollers on my machine and spent the next hour and a half taking it apart!!! If you put in something small, use the carrier sheet that comes with your machine!!! Lol!!

You will need:
MDF blanks in circles or squares
Paint dabber
Hot laminator
Laminating pouches
Patterned papers
Felt or similar for backing to coaster
Heavy duty double sided tape (DIY store)
Dark Brown ink pad

1. Using the paint dabber, paint the edges of your MDF blanks and leave to dry for a few minutes.
2. Choose your background papers and draw around one of the coasters as your template, cut out. Choose elements from other patterned papers and arrange a couple of things on the surface of the mat to see what works. Keep the layers minimal (or the laminating pouch wont go through the machine easily later on.) Ink any edges if required and hold in position with a small amount of tape. 3. Place the backing paper circles inside a laminating pouch and pass the pouch through the laminator to seal.

4. Cover the surface of the coaster with the heavy duty double sided tape, trim with a craft knife. Line up the laminated cover carefully and place on the double sided tape. You only get one shot at this so be accurate!!!!
5. On the reverse of the coaster repeat the process, this time using a circle of felt or cork paper. Ink the edges of the coaster with the dark brown ink pad to disguise any slight inaccuracies.
Great, simple teacher presents and very useful too! What about adding photo's or names or funny phrases? Possibilities are endless!
December Daily - Day 24
This is the pouch side of the photo wallet. I tucked the flap inside the wallet and then added several pages for photographs, made from black album pages. Some of them had patterned paper on and some have pleated ribbon under the edge. Lots of space here for Christ,as eve pics!!!
Pop by tomorrow for our final crafting project of the countdown to Christmas!!! Doesn't time fly when you are having fun!! TFLx


:: gingerkitty :: said...

Great ideas and well executed.

Virginia said...

I can't believe we've only got one more of your projects, I've loved popping by and seeing what you've come up with, some I've done before, some I haven't so the inspiration you've given has been fantastic and it's been fab watching your December Daily come together! Thank you so much for sharing!