Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Project 25 - Biscuits for Santa!

Well, can you believe it, here we are at project 25 of the Christmas countdown, twenty five projects in twenty five days! I did worry when I started it again this year that I had committed to a lot of work, but I have enjoyed it all!! I hope you have too! Needless to say, just like last year, there are a few extra projects that will be appearing in the next few days, that did not quite make the top 25! I have tried to make it more varied this year and included crafts at various levels and abilities. I would also hope, that with my instructions, you could give any one of these projects a shot!! Christmas and it's preparations, still remains my favourite time of year, we feel stressed and under pressure, but somehow, we get there in the end! I am really looking forward to filling in my December daily album with you throughout the month and hopefully we can compare notes and ideas! So let's get cracking with the biscuits for Santa!

You will need:
Ready made ginger heart biscuits (mine were from IKEA)
Silver spoon Ready made Royal icing mix (just add water!) It is stronger than glace icing.
Small piping bags (I made them from a cone of greaseproof paper)
Star nozzle and straight nozzle for writing
Narrow gingham ribbon/Christmas ribbon
Small red sleigh bells (Paperchase)
Tiny Attacher
Scotch magic tape

1. Mix up the royal icing according to the packet instructions, make sure it is not too runny or it will not pipe easily. Pipe stars around the edges of the biscuits and write simple words in the centre of each one e.g. Santa, Ho, Ho, Ho, Noel, Joy, Peace etc Leave to dry overnight.
2. Cut a piece of cellophane roughly A4 size, turn under 1cm along one edge and crease. Fold in half to find the mid point and crease lightly on one edge only (like we did here.)
Roll around into a cone around this mid point, making sure it is a point at the bottom of the cone. Secure with Scotch magic tape.
3. Thread the heart biscuits on to a length of ribbon and knot. Place two biscuits, back to back and slide into the cellophane cone. Turn down the top point of the open cone and secure with more Scotch tape. Fold back each corner at the top and secure with tape.
Thread a sleigh bell on to a piece of twine, knot securely and staple to the cellophane, using the tiny attacher.
Have these biscuits at the ready to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve or hang them on the tree! If they last that long! A great little gift for any child. Not suitable for the under 3's as the sleigh bell is small.

A friend has made an arrangement of these biscuits, some scented hearts and a few hand made tags on some twisted willow sticks in a vase and made a stunning table centre!! Great perfume too! I use them to adorn my garland on the mantle piece in the lounge! I love the smell!

December Daily album - Day 25
This page is made from a large envelope, the one's that take a piece of A4 paper flat!! I folded it in half and kept it in one piece. I punched hole in the fold using the Cropadile, after I have covered it on all sides with patterned paper. It will be good to arrange photo's from the big day!!

In case I fancy carrying on after Christmas, I have added a few extra pages, maybe to add some special gift tags to or Christmas cracker jokes or even my thank you letter list! Who knows??!!
This page has an old leaflet from a parlour game that I have covered in patterned paper and I may use it to list the gifts I got this year!! Stash, stash and more stash, hopefully! Lol!
Thanks for playing along, and here's to the next Christmas countdown in 2010!!! Lol!


Janice xxxx said...

although I have not commented thus far on your blog, I have followed it daily, and I love loads of your ideas. I have started (because I am always miles behind!) a Christmas album in your sort of style, and I love the way yours has turned out. Fantastic work over November - thanks & well done you!

jackie(worcs) said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed following your xmas countdown. I have loads of ideas now, not just for xmas.
Many thanks and great job CC!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the many ideas CC & for all your hard work in showing them to us, & although I haven't visited every day I have caught up every few days.
I love that mini album, although mine will have to wait for another year......Mgt.