Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Project 3 - Scented hearts

This project is our first sewing project of the countdown. Dust off those sewing machines and dig out your fabric scraps to make some Christmas scented hearts! I used squares of Anna Griffin fabrics in red and cream for a "Shaker style." I have had these squares lying round for ages and I used dried cloves for the 'Christmas' perfume. You could use Pot Pourri.
These have two possible uses, either to decorate your Christmas tree in true "Shaker" style or they can be used as a gift for wardrobe and drawer scenting.

You will need:
Fabric scraps
Embroidery thread
Cloves (From the spice aisle at the supermarket or health food store)
Heart template (I just drew my own free hand on a piece of folded paper)

1. Place two fabric square right sides together and pin the heart template to both layers. You can draw around it and then stitch or carefully stitch around it using the sewing machine, leaving a gap to allow you to stuff it with wadding later.

2. Cut around the outside of your stitching using pinking shears, leaving a small seam allowance. Snip carefully up to the stitching at the top "V" shape to help it turn right side out.

3. Turn the fabric heart right side out and begin to stuff the heart shape with wadding or toy stuffing. Intersperse the stuffing with some cloves (about a tablespoon full)to add a Christmas scent to the heart.

4. To close the opening, either slip stitch it with a needle and sewing thread or blanket stitch it by hand with embroidery thread to give it a 'folk art' look. Fasten off securely.

5. decorate the heart in primitive style using buttons and some large cross stitches. Stitch a loop of ribbon to the top to hang it from the tree or coat hanger in a wardrobe.

I have made six and they will be gracing my "Shaker style tree."
December Daily album pages 2 and 3
Having left so much space for the first of December I decided to make the 2nd a quick job! This page was made from a plastic cover I had removed from a notebook. The front was plain, but it had an inside pocket attached to it. I decided to use the pocket and made a selection of tags to write and attach photo's to for the 3rd of December. The front was covered with a piece of patterned paper, leaving a border. I stuck it to the plastic using silicone glue.
I also added a vintage Christmas card from an antique shop to this pocket. The tag is a luggage label and the other shaped pages are I think by Theresa Collins, I have had them a while!
Drop by tomorrow for another crafting project! TFLx

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I love this 'Quick & Easy' one.....I'm not much of a sew-er..lol. Mgt.