Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Project 4 - Chocolate spoons

Here are bags of chocolate spoons that you can use to stir hot milk and make a delicious drink! You could use them to stir hot chocolate too and make it even more yummy!! I have bagged them up in fives as a gift in a cellophane bag.

You Will Need:
A large bar of your favourite chocolate
A packet of plastic spoons - I chose desert spoons as the teaspoons were tiny!!
Bowl and spoon to melt the chocolate
Greaseproof paper
Hundreds and thousands (optional)
Cellophane bags and tie ties

1. Break up the whole bar of chocolate into a mixing bowl and melt it carefully, either over a pan of boiling water or in a microwave. If you are using this kind of chocolate, you will need to take care not to overheat it, or it looses it's "temper" Yes really, it does!!

2. Arrange the spoons on a tray that you have covered in greaseproof paper.
3. Pour spoons full of melted chocolate into each plastic spoon, being care full not to overfill or dribble the chocolate. This takes time and patience, but it looks better in the end! Sprinkle the spoon with hundreds and thousands if required.
4. When the spoons have cooled, bags them up in fives in some patterned cellophane bags and tie with the matching tie tie. Store in the fridge until needed.
My 450g bar of chocolate made me thirty spoons with a couple of spares.
December Daily Album - Page 4
This was a spare page from a spiral bound photo album that I had used for my holiday snaps and removed because it was not required. I attached patterned paper to both sides and edged it with Daisy D's transfer tape runner around the edges as fake stitching. The holes in the top could be embellished too and I will probably do this as I complete the page (on a later page I have laced them with ribbon.) This double sided card will be my page for December fourth. Drop by tomorrow for another crafting project! TFLx


Cat said...

What a lovely idea!! I love the background on your blog too - fabulous spots!

jackie(worcs) said...

Ooooo I likey the choc spoons idea!

Mary B said...

Love this idea I am going to bookmark your blog so I can refer back and use it to make little gifts

sue-bubbles said...

What a yummy project CC!!!
Sue x

craftattack said...

I think I will make them a bit nearer to Xmas, could be dangerous making them now!!

BiEha Besh said...

wow,,wat a brilliant idea~i will try it someday~,,,weeeee,,