Thursday, 5 November 2009

Project 5 - 3D Scene

This 3D scene is 12x12 and can be folded flat for storage or to post as an extra special card! This project came to me when I got out set of "White Christmas" papers by Rusty Pickle, that I bought last year from "Art From The Heart" but had not got around to using.Add ImageI have checked and they have a few left if you want to have a go, give them a ring to find out. It is a more advanced paper crafting project, but certainly worth while. I have tried to include plenty of step by step photos to help you. If you can fold a paper fan you are off to a flying start!!

You Will Need :
Rusty Pickle "White Christmas" papers in
"Joy To The World" Die cut
"Jingle Bells"
"Let It Snow"
"Night before Christmas"
"Oh Christmas Tree"
"Oh Holy Night"
"Winter Wonderland"
(You will have enough left over off cuts to make a mini album later in the countdown)
Bazzill card stock - 6 Sheets altogether
Maya Mist in iridescent pearl
Adhesive gems
A chipboard Snowflake (mine was Cosmo Cricket)
Maya Road Stick Pins
Bakers Twine or thread
Charcoal chalk eye ink pad to distress the edges
Large foam pads
Double sided tape
Glue stick
Offcuts of corrugated card
Scoring board

1. Begin by mounting the die cut paper on to a sheet of Bazzill card stock for extra strength. Glue it with glue stick. Cut around the scallop edges carefully and distress using the chalk eye ink pad.
Decide on a "window" shape fro the front of your scene and cut this out in scrap newspaper. Lay it on the die cut and draw around it. Cut it out carefully using a craft knife.
2. To strengthen the other elements from the background papers, cut out the strips you intend to use and glue them to Bazzill card stock using glue stick. (Save the off cuts of the background papers for another project later on.) Now the elements are all on card, you can cut them out but make sure each strip stays the full 12 inches wide. I cut roughly around the children on the sledge, but left the card stock 12 inches wide.
The strip of trees I cut roughly around the top of each tree and then straight across the bottom. I snipped in towards the trunks of the trees to create more texture. The parcels I cut around individually as they will be mounted separately later. The deer I cut in a flowing arc to follow the design on the paper of deer prancing. You should have three strips of "scenery" now, the trees, the deer and the children on the sledge. Do the same for the children ice skating.
3. For each side of the scene you need to mark a sheet of Bazzill card in folds using a scoring board, turning over each time you score to create peak and valley folds. I scored about every 2cm. Pleat these as if you were making a paper fan!
4. Stick the background sheet of "Let it snow" paper to Bazzill card stock for extra strength. Apply double sided tape to the first valley fold of each side piece and stick the background paper in position, so you have a corrugated card stock along each of the two side edges. Press firmly in position.
5. Now we need to start applying the layers of the 3D scene, starting with the Christmas trees. If you want to ink the edges with the chalk eye ink pad. Make an extra little pleat of cardboard to support the middle of the tree section, slide it into position and stick with double sided tape. Stick the tree panel at each side, roughly half way down your background paper, into the second valley fold of your concertina side panels. You need to have room for the deer to prance above and the layers of children playing below. We use the trees first as they are small and so will be in the distance and we will use the larger items as we move forwards in perspective.
6. Ink the top edge of the prancing deer layer. Fold the concertina side panels in another layer, so you can glue these deer to the third valley fold on each side. At this point I decided to give the deer gems for eyes and a large red gem on one deer for Rudolph's nose! Again you need to prop the centre section up with a small piece of concertina folded card.
7. Repeat this process with the children skating and then finally the children sledging using the next two valley folds on each side of the concertina edges. The front layer should be the children sledging as they are the largest. Again support with longer concertina strips in the centre.
8. For the parcels, I decided to give them a shimmer using my Maya Mist. When spraying Maya Mist it does go everywhere, so I made myself a cardboard bin to control the mess! It does dry very quickly, just a couple of sprays of fine mist and one on the snowflake too.
9. To use the parcels, you will need to plan where you want them before you add the foam pads to make sure they will have somewhere to fix to! I applied some of mine to the lower right hand side of the sledging page where I had a gap! I saved some to decorate the outer frame too.
10. Finally the outer frame layer needs to be added. Trim off any spare concertina folds at each side that you don't need, leaving a nice flat surface to stick your frame to. Ink the edges of this concertina layer, as this will show behind the scallops of the front frame. Apply tape to the back of the frames side edges and the top layer of the concertina you are going to stick it to. Two layers of double sided tape will form a stronger bond. Strengthen the top and bottom edges by sticking some corrugated card strips to the upper and lower edges (this picture shows the frame on it's side! Whoops!)
Remove the backing strips of the double sided tape and carefully lower the front frame into place. Be sure to line your side edges.
11. To decorate the outer front frame, cut the holly flourish from the corner of the "Oh holy night" paper, trim close to the swirls and ink the edges. Stick this in the top right hand corner, slightly overlapping the open frame (see first photo.)
12. Add three Maya stick pins to the top right hand edge by pushing them into the corrugated card on the back. From one pin tie a length of thread or twine and suspend the 3D chipboard snowflake.
13. Finally add a few parcels to the front lower right hand side, using foam pads, slightly overlapping them so that they obscure some of the picture and add another layer. I gave my completed scene another spritz with the iridescent Maya mist, just lightly from a distance to give it a final dust of snow!! I added one of the "White Christmas" labels from the paper's edge to the front as my title.

To make it even more crafty, you could make up your own scene and include some real people in the activities, by cutting up photo's! Please leave me a link to your creations!

As this folds flat for storage, you could bring it out year after year. TFLx

Pop by tomorrow for another crafting project!


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