Thursday, 5 November 2009

Project 6 - Photo holder

I typed all this up last night before I went to bed and it disappeared!!! Don't you just love blogger!!
Today's project is a little recycling number, using those individual glass jam jars you get in cafes. I have used one to make this funky little photo/message holder for your desk top that also stores a few paperclips too! You can see I have made quite a few, so how many scones with jam and cream must I have eaten??
You Will Need:
Tiny glass jam pot
Scraps of patterned paper
3 Buttons, one large, medium and small
Some thickish aluminium wire (from the garden centre) Needs to curl
Fine nosed pliers
Decorative border punch
Small circle punch
Cropadile Big Bite
Chalk eye ink pad to match patterned paper
Felt Flower
Off cut of ribbon to match flower
Hot melt glue gun
1. Carefully insert the lid of the jar under the Cropadile Big Bite (It will just fit) and punch the small eyelet hole in the centre of the lid. PLEASE DO NOT BREAK YOUR CROPADILE!!! The lid is soft but it is fiddly to get the rim into the machine.
2. Cut a thin strip of paper and apply your decorative edge using the border punch. Ink the edges using the ink pad. This strip should measure the circumference of the lid plus a small overlap. Using the small circle punch, punch out a circle of patterned paper for the lid and ink the edges. (I used my Yellow Woodware punch) Punch a hole in the centre with the Cropadile.
3. Cut a strip of wire approximately 10" long and wind a spiral around the end of the fine nose pliers. Press it flat and this will be your photo holder.
4. To assemble, glue the paper circle to the lid of the jar, lining up the holes. Glue the large button to the lid, lining up one of the holes in the button with the hole in the lid, now glue the medium button on top, again lining up a hole in the button with the one underneath.Now thread the straight end of the wire down through the buttons and the lid until it appears inside the jar. Bend over the bottom half inch of wire at a right angle. Using a large blob of hot melt glue, secure the wire in position to the underside of the lid. (I used lots!) Support the wire vertically until it sets.5. Now you can decorate the edge of the lid with the border punch strip of paper. Glue in place using the glue gun and where the paper overlaps add the small button to cover the join.
6. Finally add the felt flower; pass the ribbon around the back of the wire, then thread the flower on to both ends of the ribbon at the front. Tie a knot or bow to hold the flower in position. Add a blob of glue if you want. You can add a strip of paper to the glass jar as an option, I did on some but not on others that were more decorative jars.
I added a piece of paper stamped with "Hello!" to each photo holder and clipped a speech bubble paper clip to each one, so they could be used for fun messages. A super little gift to brighten any office desk or craft table!!
December Daily Day 5
This page was simple, a spare page from an acrylic album that I had left over from a project. I mounted some patterned paper on both sides to receive photos as December the 5th is my hubby's birthday!! I love the see through element to the album now.
Drop by tomorrow for another crafting project! TFLx

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jackie(worcs) said...

Cute project CC, I will defo do this one, just need to get round the hole prob as I dont have a BB. Tho OH has a hammer and a big nail!