Saturday, 7 November 2009

Project 7 - Dog's Dinner

You know me and my regular make "Dog and cat treats" for Christmas, well this is my offering this year for the dogs, a right dog's dinner!

You Will Need;
A paper plate
Green chewy sticks (to look like green beans)
Dog biscuits (to resemble potatoes)
Something for the meat (either a vinyl squeaky toy or a raw hide chicken drumstick)
Double sided tape.

1. Make up piles of your "vegetables" and wrap them in cling film so they don't mix up on the plate. Stick to the paper plate with a piece of double sided tape, so they don't move during the wrapping. I used a piece under the meat too!!

2. Arrange the items so you are happy with them on the plate and then cut a piece of cellophane to wrap around it and overlap on the back Wrap the plate like a Christmas parcel and seal the ends underneath with tape.

3. To make the collar and disc for the label, print the words "Dog's Dinner" in a circle on "Word" print out on card. (Jo Kill has a fab tutorial on her blog for how to do this here.) Cut out or use a punch. Make a hole in the top and thread in a small paper clip or jump ring. Thread this 'disc' onto a piece of ribbon and tie in a knot underneath the plate. Hold in position on the back with a couple of pieces of tape.
Don't forget to remove all the cling film and tape before giving the dog treats!! And ration them!!
Just need to get my thinking cap on for the kittys now!!!
December Daily Album - Day 6
This page was just a brown paper bag that came with my Studio Calico kit and had a stamp in it. I left the blue label on it and just added some scraps of Christmas papers to both sides. I made hole in the side and reinforced them by adding large eyelets, this made sure the bag was much stronger to take some extra journaling cards inside. The large eyelets through both layers also stop the cards in the bag from sliding in the way of the holes for the book rings.
Pop by tomorrow for another crafting project! TFLx


SusieJ said...

Thank you, thank you for the dog's dinner tutorial! I have three dogs (at least) to create this for - what fun!
My friend has just become a first time cat owner too - can't wait for the kitty version!
Sue xx

jackie(worcs) said...

Oooo a kitty version would be great, my DDs could then make it for Tinker!
Jackie :-)