Sunday, 8 November 2009

Project 8 - Christmas Chalet chocolate box

This adorable little house was an idea from a box of sweets I saw whilst on holiday in Germany. It could be used for chocolates, as a gift box or even as a little decoration with battery fairy lights inside. It is up to you.

You will need:
House Front and sides template here
House back and roof template here
Two offcuts of chipboard or corrugated card for the roof
Off cuts of patterned paper and Kraft card stock
One sheet of red Bazzill card stock
Off cut of ribbon and velvet Ric Rac
Anita's 3D white paint
White Cat's Eye Pigment ink pad
Craft knife
Silicone glue
Stamps Away birdie stamp and bird house
Black Stazon ink pad

1. Print off the templates and use them to cut out one house front and back in red card and two roof sections in chipboard or corrugated card. Glue the two roof sections to patterned paper and cut around the edges leaving a border. Cut across the corners to remove excess paper and then fold the edges over and glue in place.

2. Cut out the windows in the house pieces using a Kraft knife and the template as a guide. Score the house templates along all the fold lines shown on the template. Overlap the bases of the house front and back template and glue securely using a thin layer of glue stick or silicone and leave to dry.
3. Place double sided tape along all the flaps for assemble, just leaving the one where you will open and close the box. I left the house side on the front right as my opening, for adding the chocolates. Starting at the top, assemble the house by removing one piece of double sided tape at a time and pressing the joins together firmly.

4. Now the chalet is a 3D box, ink the roof edges using the white pigment ink pad to add dimension and appear like ice. Glue the two roof pieces in position. Make sure you join carefully along the top edge. Use silicone glue for strength. Allow to dry.

5. Stamp the bird and birdhouse on to Kraft card stock off cuts using the Stazon ink pad. Cut out. Glue in position on the front of the chalet, using silicone glue. Glue some velvet Ric Rac as the post for the bird house. leave to dry.

6. using the 3D white paint, dribble it along the centre join of the two roof pieces, acting as icicles. Where the roof joins the house under the eaves, dribble more paint around the apex, again to look like icicles. Add some to the windows too as a window frame. The more 3D the better. leave overnight to dry. When the house is completely dry, add some hollow Christmas tree decoration chocolates or fill with treats. If you want to fill with small sweets, add acetate to the back of the windows when the house template is still flat. This could also be a little lantern by adding a set of battery powered fairy lights. I have a set from Ikea and have seen some in Paperchase and in some Pound shops.

Safety: Be careful if the lights get hot. Don't leave it lit for too long.

December Daily - Day 7
This is another page of plain black paper from an album I had spare, covered in patterned paper and then I added a beer mat I covered on both sides with Anna Griffin patterned paper. I may not write anything on the beer mat, it may just stay in there as it is now I have covered it.
Drop by tomorrow for another crafting project! TFLx

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Virginia said...

Loving the house, it's gorgeous!