Monday, 9 November 2009

Project 9 - Picture Frame Album

This keepsake album was made using two wooden picture frames, joined together with some small hinges and a clasp. I made mine as a Christmas album, but it would make a great gift fro a Christening as a baby album or as a wedding gift with pictures from the big day. It holds some tags and an accordion album, but could hold mementos too.

You Will Need:
Approx 6 sheets of patterned paper (I used Cosmo Cricket OH Joy papers and a sheet of quotes/strip tease)
Two wooden picture frames 7x5 (Mine were from Dunelm Mills) Try to get wooden frames that are a bit chunky so the screws for the hinges have something to grip into. Also try and get ones that come with a frame mount inside ready cut to save you time!Offcuts of ribbon, blooms and various embellishments to decorate inside the frame.
Glue stick
Silicone glue
Double sided tape
Two small hinges and tiny screws
Bradawl to pierce holes in the wood
Small clasp to close the frame album
1. Undo the frames and remove the glass from one of them and carefully dispose of it, we only need glass in the front. Remove the mounting frame from the back frame too and keep this to one side.
2. Place the two frames on top of each other as if the album was closed and measure where to place the hinges down the left hand side of the front frame that still has the glass in.
Make small pilot holes with the bradawl for the screws and then screw the hinges in position carefully. Make sure they do not show on the inside. You may have to swap the screws for smaller ones. 3. Again, using the bradawl, make small pilot holes and add the clasp to the front edge in the centre. (I found I had this clasp in stock, no idea where from!!!)
4. Start working on the front of the album. Remove the hardboard and take out the frame mount. Put it together with the one from the back frame and glue with glue stick to make one frame that is deeper. This allows you to use buttons and things in the decoration inside the front frame and allows a deeper recess.
Now to cover this frame, glue it to some patterned paper, cut around it indie and out leaving a 2cm border. Clip into each corner on the inside. Glue the frame and fold the papers neatly over to the back.
Turn the frame over and glue a phrase or saying or title for your album to the frame itself.
5. Take the hardboard backing from the front frame and cover it with patterned paper. Place the covered frame over the top. Start to arrange your decorative elements in position, inside the frame border. Work out how you want it to look and glue items using silicone glue for strength. Make sure nothing is higher then the height of the frame mount apart from an odd blossom that can overlap the frame mount like mine did. Carefully place the whole picture inside the front frame under the glass, secure using the metal retainers that were in the frame originally.
6. As you can see from this picture the left hand frame is now closed and the metal sprigs are holding it in place. Now we need to work on the right hand frame.

Using the piece of paper that came in the frame as your pattern piece, (but trim a small amount off each side so it is not too snug) we are going to make an accordion album. I wanted mine to be in one piece, so I used brown Kraft parcel paper, but if you want it to be acid free, use something else. Keep this paper thin as it is going to be covered on both sides with patterned paper to make it thicker and if the album is too thick it wont fit inside the recess of the frame. Fold the accordion and trim the corners with a corner rounding punch. Cover this brown paper with patterned papers on each side, using glue stick and double sided tape. Round the corners.
Decorate the front page, with another phrase from the "Strip Tease" paper. Add a few embellishments and tie a ribbon around it to hold it closed.
7. Remove the hardboard from the back frame and cover it on both sides with patterned paper, using double sided tape and glue stick.
Apply a thin amount of silicone inside the back frame recess and push the hardboard into position. This is the back of your album and needs to be firmly secured. Wipe off any excess glue. Remove the metal sprigs in this back frame using pliers as the hardboard is now securely fixed without them.
8. Decorate the hardboard that is showing inside the front frame. I pieced together two patterned papers and place velvet ribbon across the join.
To finish the inside of the front frame, I made a series of tags in pockets, that would take photographs. Fold strips of patterned paper into three and stick along the seam and base using double sided tape. Make your four tag pockets different lengths for interest.
Cut some tags out of patterned paper and punch a hole in each one. Add ribbon to each tag. Slide into each tag pocket. Position each tag pocket inside the front frame, overlapping slightly. Start with the tallest tag at the bag and work down to the smallest at the front. Stick in position with double sided tape.
The album is now completed. Just add photo's!
What a mammoth post! I am now off to make another!!! Well, not today, but soon!
December Daily - Day 8 and 9
These pages were made using a jar shaped card that I got from the hair dressers, she was throwing them out! (They are chunky chipboard and I got several including the book ring that was holding them together!!) They are glossy black card, so I just added a piece of patterned paper to the front and cut around it using a craft knife. For day 8, I decorated with some twill tape and buttons in a contrasting colour. (The beer mat is from yetsrday's post!)
For day 9 I decorated in a red Christmas paper, leaving some of the shiny black card showing, with the twill tape forming a bow on this side.
Pop by tomorrow for another crafting project! TFLx


dagbird2001 said...

wow caroline this is fab, def something i would like to try as a gift.
thanks so much for doing these, they are def inspiration.

sue-bubbles said...

WOW a fantastic project CC - so many possibilities!
Thank you again for all your very hard work, and congrats on your lovely layout in SI!!!!!!!
Sue x

slinkycat said...

Wow what a fantastic idea, it looks fabulous and much cheaper than buying a similar frame.

Shall have to bookmark this page :)

Leanne x

SusieJ said...

Thanks for the inspiration CC. Loving that frame album.
Also, well done on your LO in Scrapbook Inspirations - fab techniques.
Sue xx

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another cool project CC thanks...

maria x