Saturday, 19 December 2009

The Big shop! December Daily update

Yesterday was all about shopping - food shopping! That much maligned task, which actually, when you do it online, is exceptionally easy! The ASDA van rolled up at 10am yesterday and before we knew it, we had it all put away and were on our way into town for a leisurely amble around the shops and lunch out! Well worth the £5.50 I paid! It's worth it in time saved alone!! Yesterday's post in the December daily was a few pics of the delivery and the van and the computer print out of the list! The prices are on there, so it will be interesting in the future! We had a blanket of snow yesterday, so I could not resist getting in the garden with the camera when it stopped, although it was going dark, and getting some snaps of Barney having a play!! (see yesterday's post!) He enjoys having a speed about and eating some snow, trouble is you have to keep letting him out all evening to wee!! Lol! More snow forecast for this evening, so hubby has nipped off sharpish to see his dad before it starts after 3pm! We are walking to friends tonight for Christmas drinks so we can take our wellies to trudge home!
Today, I am back on baking! The carrot soup we always make for Christmas lunch (I shall include the recipe in today's post in the daily) and a sausage plait made with puff pastry that we always have at Christmas!
So far today, the cupboard under the sink has had a hinge problem, something snapped and the door came off and mum's oven is up the Swanee, so I wonder what can go wrong next!! On the plus side, the Paypal issue has been resolved and I have had some other good news, which I will share in the New Year.
Ok, the soup is simmering for an hour, so off to start the sausage plait! Both boys are at work so I have the house to myself for a few hours! Bliss! Carols CD on full blast!! TFLx
P.S. There seems to be a lot of beer here, but it is DS1's 19th birthday next week too! Lol!!

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SusieJ said...

I love food shopping - on the internet! Sainsburys delivered earlier in the week.
Sue xx