Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Day 2 - Christmas music

I have a thing about Christmas music! Old fashioned type music, sung by Bing or Dean or The Andrews sisters etc! Christmas crooners! It all started when Christopher was born and we had his first birthday party on the 23rd of December 1991. As we had lots of relatives and friends coming, I wanted a bit of background music, nothing too churchified, but suitable for the party. Hubby arrived home from work, those days in Hornsea, with a cassette tape called "The stars sing Christmas" which he had bought at Jackson's supermarket! It was quite jolly and sing along! I loved it! Over the years, it is the one I put on when I mix the Christmas cake and puddings in October!! Or write the cards in November!! Now, Christmas is synonymous with putting on this tape and immediately it is associated with those times when the children were little! It is playing in the background when you watch the video of the party! People said it was only the start of Christmas when they came to Chris' birthday party! This year, we are down to only one tape player in this house!! Every one has died a death and I was getting worried that the "Hornsea" tape as it is now known in this house would be no longer around!! Crisis!!
This year, I vowed to do something about it! I have built up quite a collection of Cd's over the years, a bit of a ritual that we buy a new one to add to the collection each year. Last year I got a great one from Tesco for £3! This year I thought I would make up my own CD by picking tracks off various ones I owned to compile the "Hornsea" tape in a CD version! I ended up being short of about 6 tracks! I whizzed on to i-tunes and downloaded a CD called Legends sing Christmas 64 tracks!! That only left me a couple short which I searched for and bought individually for 59p So now I have my "Hornsea" tape on CD! It has taken a while to put together, but now these memories can stay with me and the family! I have to say, although it is not their taste in music, it reminds both the boys of me and so after I am gone, a copy of this will bring back memories for them! I am putting a copy of my compilation in my December daily for today, along with a copy of this post! TFLx


SusieJ said...

What a fabulous idea CC!
I too have lots of Christmas CD's and usually buy a new one each year.
They bring back memories of DS's First Christmas when Frank Sinatra would sing him to sleep!
Sue xx

Amy Coose said...

I remember listening to the Anderson Sisters with my mom. LOVE that holiday music.