Monday, 21 December 2009

An early start!

At the risk of upsetting you all again (particularly Ann C and Gina!) we still have the snow! I was woken up early by the door bell at 7.15am, it was the postman, returning some layouts from a magazine submission that had to be signed for!! (More about that in the new year!) Needless to say, hubby was not best pleased as he is on holiday today! Barney too flew out of bed at a great rate of knots!! Funnily enough it was our normal postman, that I have not seen for months! On enquiring about this fact (once I had prized open my eyes sufficiently to sign and print in the box!) he tells me he has been absent of paternity leave! Those of you who know me, know that we have a ritual of giving a bottle of wine and a card from Barney to the postman annually, as Barney greets him so aggressively!! We have had an external postbox for years due to his singular obsession with that red bicycle, but Paul, on the whole, has remained amicable! To smooth things over, we usually apologise with some liquid refreshment, but as I had not seen him for so long, I assumed he had left! Barney is now a Christmas card short!! I will have to make one today!
Jobs for today, include more supermarket shopping, assembly of the Lasagne that did not get done last night and even more taxi driving of both sons to work and back with hubby! I need to get the ingredients in to bake a birthday cake for DS1 too! His birthday is on Wednesday, I feel a nostalgic post coming on - maybe some facts for the December daily about the year he was born. Yesterday, I found Rachel Allen's recipe for Cinnamon Pecan buns on the Internet here. I hope to get around to making these, they look divine and I can imagine the smell. They may become a tradition!
I need to write a bit about my new Christmas decoration for this year, which is this wooden word "Christmas" that I have added to my fireplace garland. I usually try and get something new each year, this time I was taken with this, Shaker style piece. I may use it in different places each year, but this year it adorns the fireplace! The garland itself is nothing fantastic! Just a cheap, green, fake fir tree garland that I lay along the mantlepiece and then it is decorated with various hearts I have bought over the years from IKEA. The gingerbread hearts are from IKEA too! They give a lovely smell to the whole room. So far, Barney has never touched them!
Right, better get dressed and get cracking! TFLx

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